February Editor’s Letter: Let’s Fall In Love

If February isn’t a cold hard reminder that you are loved—well, let me tell you now. But this editor’s letter isn’t a bout of self-love. On the contrary, it’s about falling in love. A ghastly topic that doesn’t seem to get as much star-studded recognition. But it’s true.

When I started Bob Cut in 2015, I fell in love with the idea of being a magazine editor. The glitz, glam, and much more—but as a honeymoon moon waxed and waned, there was the reality of how falling in love was set to almost platonic. But love isn’t about getting mushy gushy every single second, it’s about being so fascinated with whatever you’re doing, who you’re seeing, that you want you read them like a book—cover to cover.

What’s interesting about February is that the emphasis of falling in love, especially in the presence of Valentine’s Day, makes for mediocre social fodder. Again, it’s not glitz, no glam as a self-love moment you perpetuate to your crew, where your closet supporters applaud you for that self-love you’re exhibiting. We fall so deeply into things during a very tender period in time that we ultimately blind ourselves to reality.

It made me think about falling in love as an act, “If I’m not posting about something I love, does it mean I love it fully?”

If you exhibit falling in love, it’s more than often seen as bragging. But why am I writing this? Being on social media, you’re inundated with the highlight reels of others around you, it’s no stranger to your timeline but when feelings and emotions are at their rawest—you start taking it most to heart. It made me think about falling in love as an act, “If I’m not posting about something I love, does it mean I love it fully?” Of course, those thoughts are banal—but it makes you wonder.

But you snap out of it and realize that you don’t need a day or a month to make social commentary about the things you love: you can make them any day of the week. And at certain times of the year, you can fall harder over a month doused in hearts and red. It’s all in perspective. And maybe, I’m going off and trailing off in this thought process but my point stands. You should honor the things that you’re in love with (along with self-love.) Exclaim from the hilltops why you’re in love with underwater basket weaving. Exclaim how botany gets you out of bed in the morning.

So today, as you’re reading this, go and tell yourself in the mirror, on social media, to your friends and family what makes you fall in love. Say it loud.

// Illustration by Supriya Bhonsle

February Editor’s Letter: Let’s Fall In Love
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