Art To Pass The Time: Zai Divecha Shows Us How To Make Paper Stars

Why not keep your hands moving when there is virtually nothing to do.

Our favorite, Zai Divecha, posted a fun YouTube tutorial on how to make paper stars. Though meditative to some, this is a great task to get kids occupied for a good 40 minutes as they make 100 stars. A Yale graduate (in both her undergrad and grad), Zai went on to work in Bay Area tech, a normalcy and mainstay of how anyone makes money in the Bay Area. After quite some time working in corporate, the young artist transitioned into her current role as an accomplished paper artist.



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When we asked Zai in our last interview about transitioning into paper arts, she had this to say, “In recent months, paper has become a fun antidote to metal. Metal requires lots of advance planning, whereas I can be spontaneous with paper. Metal can be physically taxing to work with, whereas paper folding is relaxing and meditative. And while metal wall hangings take weeks to design and fabricate, I can create something with paper in just a few hours. I’m enjoying the contrast between the two materials, balancing one against the other.”

And we agree, we can take all the meditation tips, tricks, and hacks we can get right now. Watch the video below.

// Photography courtesy of Zai Divecha. Have something you wanna share to our readers? Write in!

Art To Pass The Time: Zai Divecha Shows Us How To Make Paper Stars
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