How Our Office Move Got A Bright Sunny Addition Thanks to Kelly-Moore Paints


Moving is no fun—let’s just say it loud and clear.

As our HQ got ready to move from our Richmond abode to our new sparkling Divisadero office, we were elated by the tall windows, great sunny views, and even more room to create. It goes without saying, we’re breathing new life into the space. With what was existing, we were looking to bring a little sun to an otherwise bland office space. Kelly-Moore Paints heard our call and came to the rescue with their gorgeous array of matte, glossy, and more options.

For our office, we wanted to make a fun wall area that can double as our moodboard for all our creative reckoning. To do this, we needed a solid color that could accurately reflect the mood we’re all feeling when it comes to making art and writing stories, reclaim the space and make it ours. As we browse the Kelly-Moore paint store conveniently located next to our office on Divisadero St. and Fell St., a color stuck out to us like no other. Sun God, fiercely optimistic and independent, Kelly-Moore’s 2020 Color of The Year KM5183, a brash brassy yellow bursting onto the scene interrupting white rooms and monochromatic schemes with a statement of personal passion and confidence. Bright yellow is showing up on faucets, cabinets, upholstery, accent walls, and more.

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We knew we had to have it and being in the store made it easy to ask questions, swatch the color, and test it ourselves. We got to work. Ordering one gallon of primer and one gallon of Sun God, the office paint session could begin.

Having a statement wall makes our team focus in clearly on what we’re pinning to it—our favorite images, pages out of magazines we love, packaging that makes us elated. Something about the color you can’t quite take your eyes off of. For Shannon Kaye, Kelly-Moore Paints Color Marketing Manager, that’s the whole purpose behind Sun God.

“I think we’re looking for reassurance and stability in our homes right now.” explains Shannon Kaye, Color Marketing Manager. “And yet, we also feel more emboldened than ever to buck trends and defy definition.” This is where saturated yellows, deep pinks, and warm caramel give today’s monochromatic interiors a bold burst of optimism and adventure.

And for those who may not know it, Kelly-Moore has been under your nose in the Bay Area this whole time. In 1946, William H. Kelly and William E. Moore recognized the unique needs of professional painting contractors for top-quality paint products and knowledgeable, efficient service at a fair price. This philosophy has allowed Kelly-Moore to grow from a single manufacturing facility and store in San Carlos, California, to one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States. Kelly-Moore is still recognized throughout the paint industry as providing consistently great paints, while innovating to the needs of the market, truly “The Painter’s Paint Store!”

With the help of Justin Moreno, a local artist who uses Kelly-Moore paints himself, getting our dream moodboard wall was easy. And luckily, it can be easy for you as well. When you walk into a Kelly-Moore paint store, you’re greeted by a comprehensive store associate who will help you get set up for success. Once you’ve explained the details of your project, the associate will help grab all the items you’ll need to make the idea into reality. Ready to make your perfect space tomorrow? Check out the various Kelly-Moore ideas for inspiration and actualization.

// Check out your local Kelly-Moore paint supply store and get started;, photography by Anthony Rogers, painted by Justin Moreno.




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How Our Office Move Got A Bright Sunny Addition Thanks to Kelly-Moore Paints
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