Seven Black Owned Wineries To Support For National Rose Day and Everyday

National Rose Day is coming this Saturday—and while you may be sipping on some currently as the days roll by.

We wanted to highlight the Bay Area regions black and brown owned wineries you should be definitely supporting whether rose, pinot, red, and more. As we continue to uplift black and brown voices in the Bay Area and beyond, make sure to also support fiscally the black and brown businesses that make the Bay Area an incredibly diverse space to be. 

McBride Sisters Collection

Founders and sisters Robin and Andréa were raised separately in the wine regions of Monterey, California and Marlborough, New Zealand. Living across the world from one another, Robin and Andréa were unaware of the other for nearly half their lives. Despite the 7,000 miles that separated them, the sisters would eventually find their way to each other in 1999. Now the largest African-American-owned wine company in the United States, the collection of wines represents a genuine sense of place. We recommend getting the ‘Black Girl Magic Rose’ for an optimal day of being your best self. This sophisticated dry Rosé has aromas of raspberry and orange blossom with delightful acidity and a mouthwatering fresh stone fruit and citrus palate. //

Brown Estate

Brown Estate is a family owned and operated private estate winery. In 1980, “mama and daddy” Brown purchased and rehabilitated the Brown Estate land. In 1996, the Brown family (“mama and daddy” Brown and the three Brown siblings) began making wine under the Brown Estate label. The estate produces some of the valley’s richest reds and tastiest whites on the market. But we will let you be the judge yourself. //

Indigené Cellars

Created by Raymond Smith, Indigené Cellars is a family-owned winery whose mission is to find perfectly balanced blends and exquisite varietals. It’s hard to pinpoint one single fact that explains how Indigené Cellars astounds wine lovers. The small, family-run winery works diligently to serve the best blends you’ll ever experience. With deliberate attention to each detail, Indigené Cellars meets its mission to find perfectly balanced blends and exquisite varietals. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Raymond Smith worked as a Ship Joiner and grocery clerk. In the late 1980’s, Raymond relocated to Paso Robles, CA, a small town on the Central Coast. He quickly acclimated himself to the many aspects of the wine business. Shortly thereafter he helped build and eventually owned and operated a small fleet of mobile wine bottling lines. //


Created by the family you know and love, Domaine Curry is a partnership between Ayesha Curry and her sister-in-law, Sydel Curry. They teamed up with John Schwartz of Napa’s Coup de Foudre winery to create their wine. Though the blends are incredibly custom, you’ll need to order a four pack at a time. //

Charles Woodson Wines

“Where challenges become triumphs and hard work pays off. For moments when the possibilities are wide open. Meet Charles Woodson’s Intercept.” A former American football player for the Oakland Raiders in 1998, Woodson has long loved the sweet and more aromatic notions in life. “My love of wine happened organically while being in Napa Valley during training camp while playing for the Oakland Raiders in the ’90s,” says Charles Woodson. From there, Woodson knew his calling and set out to figure out how he could make a name for himself in the wine market. And now, the Charles Woodson Wines creates a variety of blends that are as sultry as Woodson himself. //

Wade Cellars

NBA player Dwayne Wade loved Napa Valley wines so much that he decided to follow his heart and make a great wine of his own. With the help of his dear friend Jayson Pahlmeyer, who has consistently produced iconic Napa Valley wines, Wade Cellars was born. With the wine dream unshakably in his mind, he looked to his dear friend Jayson Pahlmeyer for guidance. For over 30 years Jayson Pahlmeyer has consistently produced iconic Napa Valley wines of power, finesse, and distinction.  Jayson has been a leader in the world of fine wine and shares Wade’s bold and irrepressible spirit.  Jayson invited Dwyane to witness harvest in the Napa Valley in 2014. Harvest is a very magical time in the Valley and sparked Dwayne’s dream of Wade Cellars. The combination of that 2014 harvest trip with Jayson’s wine business knowledge and Dwyane’s enthusiasm and joie de vivre Wade Cellars was born. // 

Darjean Jones

A small family owned winery specializing in boutique wines from California’s most acclaimed growing regions. The objective at Darjean Jones is to produce wine that imbibes the essence of the quintessential California vintage with a uniqueness of character only achieved through artisanal winemaking. Their boutique wines are produced in small lots with epic intention—“joie de vivre,”—joy of living! Darjean Jones “Dawna” Rosé is ripe with inviting aromas of strawberry and honeysuckle. Vibrant acidity and luscious flavors of raspberry and candied apple tease the palate, creating a food friendly wine blended to enjoy all year long. A spiced, juicy finish seals this 2018 vintage with a kiss. //

// Feature photo coutesy of the McBride Sisters Collection. Know a Black business, artist, activist that needs a platform? We’re an open door for you and them—send us an email here about what you’re working on.

Seven Black Owned Wineries To Support For National Rose Day and Everyday
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