Things To Do: Where To Really Enjoy Your Day In Peace And Harmony

Ahh planet Earth, you have been so good to us. We appreciate you beyond measures. We show you our gratitude by growing gardens and trees, utilizing recycling bins and composting stations, and picking up littered trash on beaches and land.

Mother Nature has provided us with countless breathtaking landscapes, so let’s look at some of these beautiful places located right here in San Francisco.

Lands End

First on the list is Lands End. Whether you’re a local or just a visitor, your go-to hiking spot has to be this glorious setting. Located literally at the end of the land, this hike will never fail to stun the viewers with its many charming outlooks. There are a couple of great ways to observe Lands End, the most famous being Sutro Baths. Starting here will grant you instant access to the historic bathhouse and crashing shallow waves. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a family of dolphins teaching their young how to swim in one of the near by caves! An alternative option would be to start at the Legion of Honors Museum. This path guides you through a green golf course and a mini forest, which is suitable for those who appreciate the trail trekking and that magnificent foresty smell. // 680 Point Lobos Ave, Outer Richmond


Presidio woods.

If you’re looking for a more peaceful and tranquil scene this Earth Day, make your way to the Presidio woods.  There you will find shedding Conifer trees shaking off old leaves, and the scent of fresh pine needles roaming throughout the forest. Taking just a short walk through these woods is an excellent stress reliever with tons of attention grabbing outlooks and hidden animal nests. Pro tip: look for the cool teepee huts made out of collected branches that hide out under the trees, they make for great meditation zones! // Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Presidio Blvd, San Francisco


Baker Beach

Next stop is Baker Beach: probably the most famous nude beach in San Francisco, so if you feel like letting go and being free this Earth Day, this is the spot for you. The nude area is closest to the Golden Gate Bridge, so bring a blanket and a Rosé for a nude (or clothed) picnic while enjoying a lovely sunset near the water. The high rocky cliffs here are also amusing. Normally people don’t surpass the first large rock due to high tide, but if you’re in for an exhilarating rock climbing session, we say go for it!


Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is ALWAYS an option for beautiful scenery. Enjoy the duck filled ponds and tiny waterfalls, or visit the Rose Garden and Bison field. The park today will be extremely crowded due to festivities at Hippie Hill, so if you’re looking for a quiet stroll in the park, this won’t necessarily be the right fit for you. If however your idea of celebrating Earth Day includes spending time with lots of people smoking chill earth grass, then we have a party!


Marin Headlands

If you’re looking to venture out a tiny bit out of San Francisco, make your way across the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin Headlands. The views are phenomenal! Fields of tall grass and an abundant array of flowers grow here, along with some very fascinating animals. Sometimes you can spot wild rabbits, bobcats and hawks, but watch out for those slimy snakes and lizards. Spend the day at Marin Headlands to detox from the city noise and don’t forget to thank Mother Nature for all her glorious sights. // Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Sausalito

// Photography courtesy of Author. Feature photography by Banter Snaps.

Things To Do: Where To Really Enjoy Your Day In Peace And Harmony
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