Places to Meditate and Get Out Of Your Head in San Francisco

The universe, while judicious, is also random and cruel. (Read: it’s December 27th, 2020.)

San Francisco is an odd urban mix of chaos and serenity. Yoga and meditation studios are just as wide spread and culturally acceptable as 80-hour workweeks and $4,000 rental prices. So, naturally, our slice of Northern California is teeming with little nooks and crannies to find zen in, cut-off from the white-noise of the city space around them. Here are our five picks to chill out and reclaim your sanity within.


Lands End

Take your Monday—or anyday—woes to the end of the cliff and, metaphorically speaking, toss them aside. The softer sands by the Lands End Labyrinth offer the ideal bit of terra firma to sprawl out atop of and, as Paltrow said, “Earthing.” (No, burying your feet in soil and sand won’t cure your insomnia, no matter what Gweny says—but time spent outside is invaluable, nevertheless.)


Bernal Heights Park

Also home to a meditation labyrinth, Bernal Heights Park makes for a easy incline hike that goes around and around in a circle. Perfect for those who need to get their minds off the world and onto a hamster wheel of a climb. Once you read the top, gorgeous views of San Francisco can be scene in total 360. I.e: The perfect stress reliever.


Hawk Hill

As the saying goes: get the ‘ef out of Dodge and head for the hills to find peace. (Orwell, something like that.) Hawk Hill, situated atop the already vertically inclined Marin HEadlands, has endless amounts of flattened-out patches of level hillside to lay a yoga mat out on and center yourself again. (Also, be sure to snag a killer IG after the fact.) copy.jpg

Palace of Fine Arts

Underneath the old-world monolithic and Corinthian pillars, solace can be found. Granted, midday on weekends might be a bit more crowded than one would care for, but, during the work week, expect a more inviting, less-crowded atmosphere.

// Feature photo via The Weekend Sherpa.

Places to Meditate and Get Out Of Your Head in San Francisco
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