Top 5 Bay Area Startups That Will Make Your Life WAY Easier

Living in the Bay Area means that startup culture is just a normal part of life. VCs, IPOs, digital transformation– all great, catchy words that get thrown around.

Most of the startups we hear about in the news are abstract, however, and focused on providing services to other businesses or niche tech-spaces. So are we, as everyday SF millennials, even remotely affected by all this tech innovation? We decided to track down the top five startups that are truly making moves– moves that will make your life better. If you don’t have these companies in your life, let’s change that.

Photo via BrandlessPhoto via Brandless

Photo via Brandless

1. Brandless

Brandless is a company that’s aiming to overhaul your shopping experience. We all know that generic is just as good as the real thing, and Brandless is expanding on that idea tenfold. They offer a huge range of products, from dish soap to skincare–and all at the cost of three dollars. That’s one heck of a bargain. They’re also committed to making sure that all of their products are filled with trustworthy ingredients;  their food options are organic and non-GMO, their beauty products are cruelty free, and their stationary is pulled from eco-friendly sources. Affordable and sustainable, do you need another reason to get on board? //

Photo via Rothy'sPhoto via Rothy's

Photo via Rothy’s

2. Rothy’s

When it comes to shoes, eco-friendly is probably not your first thought. If you’re needing some comfy flats while also wanting to benefit the planet, however, you need to check out Rothy’s. Think: flats made from recycled water bottles, as comfy as sneakers. The company takes plastic water bottles, spin the fibers into a wool-like material, then use 3D imaging and printing to make the physical shoe. While they’re not cheap (starting at $100 a pair), they won’t break the bank more than any other designer shoe. Plus, you’ll feel pretty great about your eco-friendly fashion choice. Rothy’s shoes are durable and can be thrown in the washing machine when in need of a good clean. Now, that’s what we call a green investment. //

Gif via ModsyGif via Modsy

Gif via Modsy

3. Modsy

For those of us needing to revamp our space or just looking for some design inspo, this is one to keep in your back pocket. How often have you scrolled through hundreds of Instagram and Pinterest posts, only to turn up at IKEA totally confused as to what decor to buy? Modsy is helping we decoration-challenged folk get a look at what furniture will look like in your actual apartment using super 3D technology. Think: SIMS but for buying furniture. You take photos of your space, upload them, and then choose from a huge inventory of products from all the main furniture brands to visualize your design ideas. Much easier to get your space Instagram-ready now, no? //

Photo via Doctor on DemandPhoto via Doctor on Demand

Photo via Doctor on Demand

4. Doctor on Demand

This one’s for all you hypochondriacs. How often have you gotten sick or had a headache and started Googling your symptoms? We’ve all done it, and it just leads to a panic-induced frenzy in which we convince ourselves we have days to live. Instead of that nightmare, Doctor on Demand is aiming to make healthcare “available to everyone, with and without insurance.” They facilitate the scheduling of a video appointment with a doctor, and it’s cheaper than going to urgent care or a clinic. Plus, you get your appointment sorted out without having to leave your house. They accept major insurance and are open to anyone without, making this an awesome resource for literally everyone. //

Photo via ShypPhoto via Shyp

Photo via Shyp

5. Shyp

Going to the post office has got to be the most humdrum errand ever. They’re not open past business hours, which means most of us need to make a special trip during work to ship something. That’s where Shyp comes into play; they’re bringing snail mail into the 21st century. With their mobile app, you select a few particulars such as packaging and shipping speed, and then someone turns up to ship out your item for you.  According to their website, you “snap a photo using [the] mobile app…select packaging, shipping, and extras like insurance.” Schedule a pickup time, and they’ll handle the rest. //

Top 5 Bay Area Startups That Will Make Your Life WAY Easier
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