Go Green: Where To Eat Vegan in the East Bay and South Bay

Going vegan is so commendable—there’s loads of research out there on how it’s better for your health, the environment, and the world overall.

Being vegan,however, doesn’t mean you have to be a good cuisine martyr, now does it? Push thoughts of boring salads and green juices out of your head. Sometimes, you just want some really delicious food that ticks all your vegan boxes and satisfies your foodie dreams. That’s why we rounded up the top vegan restaurants in the Bay Area — and trust us, you’ll want to even take your non-vegan friends here. They may even just jump ship from their carnivorous ways.


Hella Vegan Eats

This place is 100% worth all the hype. They serve up some amazing goodies, including fried ‘chicken’ and waffles, burgers made from seitan, garlic fries, soups, french toast — the list goes on and on. Their menu changes frequently, so you’ll be sure to get a nice variety of foods everytime you go. As one Yelp reviewer put it, “If you’re a vegan or trying to convince someone that vegan food doesn’t have to be “that bad” then take them here. 10/10 would baptize myself in their vegan cashew cream sauce.” With an endorsement like that, this is sure one to add to your list. Baptizing in sauce TBD. // 411 26th St, Oakland, hellaveganeats.com.


Dog Haus

If you’re in the mood for a delicious, gourmet hot dog, look no further than Dog Haus. This one is a chain, and there’s restaurants found throughout California. Besides that, they sure do an amazing vegan dog. You can swap in a veggie apple sausage for any of their menu options, and boy, is it mind-blowing. One note of caution — their bun isn’t vegan but you can order it in a lettuce wrap instead. // Multiple locations, doghaus.com.

The Green Barn.jpgThe Green Barn.jpg

The Green Barn

The Green Barn is the place to go if you don’t know what you want. Meaning, they literally have everything. Their menu spans mozzarella sticks and fried wontons to veggie kabobs to their house special “shaking soy nuggets”. They do burgers, wraps, and three different kinds of cheesecake too — all of it either veggie or vegan. // 190 Ranch Dr, Milpitas, thegreenbarnrestaurant.com,


Veggie Lee

If you have a hankering for Chinese, look no further than Veggie Lee. Based in Hayward, they offer delicious Chinese take out (or you can eat it there!) with all your classic options. They have vegan shark fin soup, vegetarian fish fillets, vegan prawns, vegan Schezwan chicken and so much more. Next time you’re in Hayward, be sure to check them out. // 25036 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, beyondmenu.com.


Two Mammas’ Vegan Kitchen

No vegan restaurant roundup would be complete without an amazing breakfast option. So, look no further than Two Mammas’ Vegan Kitchen for all your brunching needs. Their menu is jam packed with delicious vegan scrambled, frittatas, benedicts, and waffles. With a line up like that, this is sure to be your new favorite spot to hit up on Sunday mornings again and again. // yelp.com.

// Feature photo courtesy of Alexandra Golovac.

Go Green: Where To Eat Vegan in the East Bay and South Bay
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