21 Ways To Get Involved with Earth Day 2021 in the Bay Area and Beyond

Mother Nature really is living her best life these days— sans the swaths of humans regularly driving, littering, and polluting the outdoors. So on this sunny April day in the seven-by-seven, let’s do our communal parts to honor and salute her… via our 5G and LTE connections.

Waters around the world are clearing; the air above Los Angeles is, again, quasi-crisp; mammals, both terrestrial and aquatic, are re-exploring past territories and hunting grounds. It’s a hard pill to swallow: the panacea that “we are the virus.” But to clarify: we, said Homo s. sapiens, are not “the virus.” It’s our toxic relationship to the planet that is. Granted, this Earthy Day has had a damper put on it; a global pandemic, one which has claimed north 185,000 deaths as of today, will do such things. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still embrace nature from within the cozy (and CDC-recommended) confines of your home or apartment.

From virtual tours of the Farallon Islands to digital strolls through the Conservatory of flowers, here are twenty ways to honor Earth Day 2021 amid spaces still opening up.

// Photography by Claudia Lorusso.

  • Smell the roses inside the Conservatory of Flowers from afar… or, in this case, figuratively through your LCD or OLED screen. // The details

  • Travel to the Farallon Islands without leaving your kitchen table. // The details

  • Support local business and environmentally friendly practices, and grab yourself some Ugly Pickles. // The details

  • Get a birds-eye view of the seals currently chilling on famous Pier 39. // The details

  • Learn about the ethics and morals of Leave No Trace to ensure your outdoor soiree doesn’t impede on Mother Nature’s wellbeing. // The details

  • Watch these eco-inpsirational, sobering documentaries on the current state of our planet — and how we can better it. // The details

  • Traverse through some (or all) of the somewhat new 17-mile Crosstown Trail. // The details

  • Tap your screen while looking at the Monterey Aquarium’s live stream; you won’t upset the various fishes. // The details

  • Call around to see if you can adopt a new succulent baby before the day comes to an end. // The details

  • Hear Jane Goodall wax about optimism and how it’s not too late to avoid the proverbial iceberg that is a 2-degree Celsius warming. // The details

  • See two biological women (read; drag queen icons Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova) converse about the plights of global warming and the lack of self-accountability that brought us to a warmer terrestrial life. // The details

  • Take a socially distant hike through some of our favorite trails in San Francisco. //  The details

  • Go vegan(ish) today, just like Oprah. // The details

  • The order said plant-based myself from any one of SF’s celebrated vegan and vegetarian eateries. // The details 

  • Get involved with the California Native Plant Society and check out their programming. // The details

  • Admit that you might not know what you can and can’t recycle in San Francisco — and fix that, ASAP. // The details

  • Understand why SF is greener than LA. // The details

  • Embrace eco-conscious cannabis. // The details

  • Donate digital dollars to vetted and impactful environmental charities. // The details

  • Relax on a beach today and look out at the Pacific or San Francisco Bay. // The details

  • Educate yourself on the fascinating history of Golden Gate Park’s bison herds. // The details

// Feature photography by Patrick Perkins. Want to let us know how to get involved? DM us.

21 Ways To Get Involved with Earth Day 2021 in the Bay Area and Beyond
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