Warm Weather Day Getaways For City Indwellers: See, Play, & Eat Outside The City

With open windows overshadowing the sizzling city temperatures of the San Francisco strip, now’s the best time to take a trip outside of the Golden Gate boarders. Get your stomachs pumped, your walking shoes polished, and your rent-a-car gased up and enjoy these 5 need-to-happen day trips.

Photo by Derick Daily.Photo by Derick Daily.

Photo by Derick Daily.

Mendocino Coast

From scenic nature spots to local art galleries, The Mendocino Coast is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Located about 2 hours and 45 minutes away from San Francisco, the Mendocino County offers a good selection of beaches, hiking spots, and art galleries. The Mendocino coast offers tons of activities that’s sure to have you stress-free for the weekend, and feeling rejuvenated, and possibly a little sad about leaving when you go back to your city life.

Photo by Guillaume Merle.Photo by Guillaume Merle.

Photo by Guillaume Merle.

Monterey Bay

Less than 2 hours away from home, Carmel and Monterey offers just as much as the Mendocino Coast. Among the scenic ocean views and trails,These neighboring towns offer The famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row and the Fisherman’s Wharf. But other than what we already expect to see from the area, They also offer other activities that brings you closer to nature. You can go from shopping during lunch hours in the downtown area and next you can be whale watching as you kayak down the Pacific coast. Carmel and Monterey offers a great variety of things for both the adventurous and laid back crowd. So if you do plan a weekend trip make sure you check in at the Monterey Bay Inn on Cannery Row, or some Airbnb locations in Carmel.

Photo by Beau Barnett.Photo by Beau Barnett.

Photo by Beau Barnett.


A nice beach get-away within 80 miles of San Francisco, Capitola is a small beach town in Santa Cruz and offers family-friendly activities for all ages. Start your day by having breakfast Sweet Pea’s Cafe, They offer gigantic waffles! Enjoy the day paddle boarding at the Capitola City Beach, and enjoy dinner at Bella Roma Cafe for a nice Italian dinner. For those with pets, you can bring them over to the New Brighton State Beach. As for those who enjoy fishing, the city offers a fly fishing tour. Capitola is a great place for anybody, there are things to do with friends and family, or even for adventurous singles who just needs a break from the city.

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel.Photo by Sebastien Gabriel.

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel.

Napa Valley

2 words. WINE. TRAIN. Spend a weekend with your friends or that special someone drinking wine on the Wine Train, and eating good food, what more can you ask for? Shopping? Attractions? Multiple day spas? It’s all there, and if that doesn’t sell you to stay in Napa Valley, then maybe a hot air balloon ride will. It’s a great city to unwind and forget about your adult responsibilities so pack up and take the 1 hour and 27-minute drive to forget the city for a hot minute. But don’t forget to make reservations before you leave. If Napa is booked you can always go to the other cities in the Wine Country.

Photo via Visit California.Photo via Visit California.

Photo via Visit California.


Lake Tahoe is a bit out of reach, but for those who crave a bit of an adventure around nature, whether it be a hike, nature walks, even up to the most peculiar thing like mushroom identification tours. There’s something to do for the adventurous soul that the city keeps in shackles. If this sounds like something your alley you can book a room in Costanoa Lodge Resort. They offer different types of lodging from wood lodges, bungalows, even RVs and tents. While you’re at it, you can also book your activities on their website.

// Written by Myles Penaflor, Myles is an SF lifestyle image maker and writer. Images sourced from Nelson Minar, Mark Miller, Svein-Magne Tunli, James Daisa. Hero shot by Dronography. More adventures to be had and shared here. Need more in city recommendations? We know the Best of SF.

Warm Weather Day Getaways For City Indwellers: See, Play, & Eat Outside The City

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