Non-Binary Fashion Line Debuts with 18 Unigender Pieces

Fashion is evolving and extending beyond the traditional views of who wears what? We see it on TikTok as young men and women dress out of their gender roles. For San Francisco based label, And Our, it’s only the first step in creating conversation around expression.

The label was born out of the founders, Anthony Rogers, want to bring expression to those around him. Often experimenting with his style, Rogers found that clothing went beyond siloed gender confines. “Being able to express my humanity through garments is empowering as a non-binary person,” says Anthony Rogers (pronouns: he/she). “I started this label to give people tools for expression through gender undefined clothing. Beyond menswear, womenswear, or gender defining categories, ‘anywear’ is meant for those who want megaphones for dressing in what showcases them best in whatever gender they assume.”

Today, Queer and LGBT labels are starting to form and target very specific groups of each sector—catering to body related issues, identity issues, or simply filling a gap in the market. For Rogers, the line encompasses everyone looking to express their inner stories outwardly. The site itself is not sorted by mens or womens, simply sorted by fit. These pieces have been thoughtfully designed to be worn by anyone. Hence, “anywear.” Living up to its mission of “people-focused garments with people-first manufacturing,” all items are made ethically in Jiangmen, China according to And Our’s strict Code of Conduct alongside the manufacturers Code of Conduct.


Photography courtesy of And Our.Photography courtesy of And Our.

Photography courtesy of And Our.

Additionally, And Our is focusing on using deadstock materials to build collections. In a world filled with fashion waste, Rogers did not want to contribute to the on-going pollution. As consumers worldwide buy more clothes, the growing market for cheap items and new styles is taking a toll on the environment. Fashion production makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers and streams.⁠ Using primarily deadstock, And Our takes months to source enough fabrics to make a full fleshed launch collection and under two weeks to make the order and ship it. Think linen, polyester, cotton, charmeuse, a whole selection of really great, in shape, fabrics that were discarded by a variety of fast fashion brands.

And Our will launch new anywear collections twice a year: one in Spring/Summer and one in Fall/Winter. The brand inspirations revolve around subtle Scandanavian design, identity in queer politics, and everyday people that the brand comes in contact with.

// And Our is available starting July 6th, 2021 at Photography courtesy of And Our.


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Non-Binary Fashion Line Debuts with 18 Unigender Pieces
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