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ENTP Anime Characters-2027 is today’s topic. Every person has their own perspective; every single person can’t have the same viewpoint as others. We all know every individual differs from others. And that’s what makes us so unique and helps us stand out from the crowd. Similarly, when fictional characters are drawn, they tend to be given a distinct personality type and traits, making them more interesting for the readers/watchers. Fiction is incomplete without its characters, and good fiction is incomplete without a fleshed-out cast.

Sure, the world-building and the settings provide us with the story’s premise, but how can we enjoy a work of fiction if we do not find the characters compelling? This article will discuss the ENTP personality type and about different ENTP Anime Characters who belong to this category.

An individual’s personality always plays a major part in constructing their individuality and, in a way, their future. We can say the same when it comes to fictional characters as well. If you are well aware of the MBTI personality test, you must be knowing about the sixteen categories/personality types. ENTPs are one of them.

If you are a weeb and an ENTP, this article might be fun for you to read. So, let’s get started! Who knows, you might end up seeing your favorite anime character further in this list.


  • ENTPs are known as the Debaters among the sixteen personality types. With the full form standing for Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving, these individuals are said to energetic and challenging who pike to find new, innovative solutions. They are clever and charismatic who motivate and inspire others with their influence.
  • As the title “Debaters” suggest, ENTPs are said to love banters. They are curious individuals who are seeking knowledge and answers among the surrounding in which they are living. They want to analyze and understand, making them play with different ideas to gain more knowledge. They are also called the “Visionary” because of their passion for new, innovative ideas. These individuals often jump into a new situation to gain more knowledge and trust themselves to adapt as they go.
  • ENTPs are pretty social who leaves quite an impact on the people around them. They are charismatic and confident who have a way with their words to make an engaging conversation with others. Sure there are chances of others making fun of them, but they often get the upper hand by using their wit and clever thinking to shut the said people up.
  • They are very open-minded who seek knowledge and never want to miss an opportunity if they are getting the chance to learn something. ENTPs are energetic because they are curious, and if they are looking for any solution, they are not going to rest until they fund it out. They are quick thinkers who come up with new ideas to understand problems better. No way do they like to plan things out and organize things accordingly. Instead, the raw and creative ideas they come up with during different situations make them such compelling humans.
  • Their spontaneous attitude maybe a little too much at times, but that doesn’t mean they don’t think things through. In fact, Debaters are very analytical and rational who use their knowledge in a well-defined manner to understand something. They question norms and often reject them, inspiring themselves to do something new and unique. They are raw and original who present more ideas and possibilities during brainstorming sessions.
  • Apart from their strengths, ENTPs also lacks in a few areas which can affect their life.
  • As they are the Debaters, ENTPs can make a friendly discussion into a heated argumentative session. They are confident with what they talk about, and their vigorous personality motivates them to tear down their beliefs and methods because debating is a mental exercise for them. But such thinking does not apply to others as this attitude of theirs may create great tension.
  • ENTPs can also be very insensitive if they want. They like debates that present rational and logical points, not sentimental ones. They often misjudge others’ feelings, and if they hear something that does not appeal to their rational thinking, they would not only completely dismiss the point but also the individual. Their intolerant behavior can also be evident during a discussion if they hear such irrational points being made by the other party.
  • ENTPs are also not very planned and can get easily get bored. They like to do things that they enjoy, and if they are said to focus on a long project where they have no interest, they can easily leave it with no remorse. They are flexible with their ideas, but the initial excitement they receive may not stay for long as they can drop the project at any moment because they are easily bored. They are also not very good with detail-oriented works where placing new ideas can be counterproductive. This also makes them lose interest and not give their all, which may not be acceptable by others.
  • Now that we know who the Defenders are, let us now look at a few anime characters who come under this personality type.

ENTPS IN ANIME- ENTP Anime Characters

  • ENTPs are known for their energetic and confident outlook, which also comes with their knowledgeable and rational thinking. As I mentioned before, in the world of fiction, we get to see and know several different and unique characters who leave a mark in our hearts. We can relate to a said character which makes the story all the more interesting for us. Specifically talking about this personality type, ENTPs have their own long list in the fictional world. And in this list, let us talk about ENTP characters who are a part of anime.
  • If you are an anime lover and an ENTP, this list I will mention below may be an enjoyable reading experience for you. Who knows, you may even spot your favorite character in this list. So, here is a long list of these ISTJ characters whom you might adore and find very relatable to yourself:



  • To describe Edward in the best way possible, he is a short-tempered and stubborn brat from the outside who hates taking orders from others. Being the youngest and one of the most brilliant alchemists in the military, Edward’s outer appearance may not be very appealing to others. Still, he sure has a more soft and understanding side which he often doesn’t show.
  • Being the protagonist of this great series, Edward in no way is a calm and cool guy, unlike his younger brother, Alphonse. At the beginning of the series, he is shown as stubborn, aggressive, selfish, and prideful, who does things for his own interests rather than following the military orders. He is highly insecure about his short height, which only puts fuel in his anger. He is also shown to be very impatient and does not like to ideally sit around but rather wants to learn more and has a unique view of the world.
  • Ed might not be the guy who gets along with everyone due to his sarcastic nature, but that doesn’t prove that he understands those he deeply cares for. Because of the accident, which resulted in Al losing his body and Ed, one of his arms and leg, Ed is out there for a mission. His immense knowledge in alchemy made him a part of the military, and that too in such a recognizable position. He is shown to be searching for the secrets of the Philosopher’s stone along with his brother so that he could get back what they have once lost in a tragic accident at a young age.
  • As the series progresses, we see Ed become more compassionate and friendly with others as he has bo problem with getting along with other people. He sure still holds his aggressive attitude, but his soft side is often visible. One of the biggest examples is his loyalty and compassion for Alphonse, Winry, and his comrades in the military. He is also rational and analytical during critical situations, which showcases his quick thinking skills.
  • ENTPs are known for their curious and knowledgeable nature, outgoing, and love to explore, and Edward has almost every trait of an ENTP in him. He loves challenges, wishes to learn more, and even though he is stubborn and intolerant, he is still a very nice guy by heart who carries a lot of burdens.


  • Energetic, cheerful, bubbly, and having a great desire for knowledge, Hange Zoe is the Titan geek in the dark and tragic world of Attack on Titan. As one of the former Commanding Officers and a scientist in the Scouts Regiment, Hange does not shy away to show her enthusiasm towards the man-eating giants.
  • Introduced to is during the first season of the series, Hange was initially shown as a crazy, science maniac who wants to discover Titans’ mystery. Her nature is very easy-going; she is carefree, curious, has a really witty and sarcastic personality during various occasions, and can be pretty persistent if she wants. The Scouts were able to learn more about the Titans because of Hange and the experiments she did on the captured Titans.
  • She may be a little annoying at times, especially for Levi, but Hanji is a knowledgeable person who achieved her recognition among the Scouts. She is respected by all her comrades for her quick thinking and rational approach, which later even leads to Erwin announcing her to be the Commander of the Scouts. When Eren first emerges as a Titan shifter, she is literally the very first person who is excited to learn more about his abilities rather than fear him.
  • Hang might have been a little too insensitive while experimenting with Eren’s titan form, but she deeply cares for her comrades. She is a lighthearted genius who comes up with new and unique weaponry ideas which have helped the Scouts throughout many years. She also seems to have a psychotic nature which she usually hides from others but shows only during a critical situation when she is threatening someone.
  • As a thinker, Hange is pretty quick with coming up with new strategies and ideas, as shown on various occasions. She also does not like to follow everyone’s orders, especially when she insists that they should capture more titans for very risky experiments.

Being an ENTP, Hange has some of the most defining traits of this type, making her shine among the large cast of Attack on Titan. She is a spontaneous, enthusiastic, and loving genius who, also like her comrades, has devoted her heart to humanity’s freedom.


  • Another scientist in the list, Okabe Rintaro, or as he likes to call himself, Hououin Kyouma, is this eccentric and melodramatic protagonist of the well-known and loved series Steins; Gate. During the beginning, he is shown to us as this self-proclaimed “mad scientist” who loves to experiment along with his lab members. However, as the series progress, we see a more realistic and emphatic side of his character.
  • The mad scientist personality of Okabe is, in fact, a facade which he likes to keep to cheer Mayuri up after her grandmother’s death. He is shown to be a science geek who likes to question others on different theories, as seen on many occasions. However, he also enjoys his work because of his passion for science. He may not exactly be a genius, but he does seek knowledge and is curious about science’s different aspects. He is also quite stubborn and intolerant and does not prefer others who counter his points- especially when it comes to Kurisu, with whom he argues quite a lot.
  • Okabe is awful with human interactions, but we see him thoroughly develop throughout the series. He makes a strong bond with others, especially Kurisu Makise, with whom he falls in love. As Steiner can jump from one alternate reality to another, he wishes to break the time loop and prevent the deaths of Mayuri and Kurisu. He even comes up with a new and reckless idea that helps him save Kurisu in the original timeline.
  • ENTPs are said to be very social, and sure it might not be the case for Okabe, but he sure shares many characteristics of this personality type. He is a Debater and a Visionary for his unique perspective, and his curiosity only adds up to his personality.


  • Being one of the characters who have more screen time in the openings and endings than in the series itself, Sakamoto sure is one of the most beloved and underrated characters of Gintama. He is a goof by nature, a stupid yet brilliant businessman who once was one of the most notable men during the Joui wars.
  • Debaters like to do their work from behind the curtains, which is exactly what Sakamoto likes to do the most. He sure does appear to be a lighthearted and optimistic man with an idiotic side, but he sure knows what he is capable of. He is very caring and compassionate towards his comrades, and even if he rarely shows his serious side, the people around him know how brilliant of a man he is even after his stupid acts.
  • After losing the ability to hold his sword, Sakamoto chooses to become a businessman in which he is excellent. His desire to explore the universe and learn more about it is what inspires him to start his own business in space. He is an excellent and sketchy negotiator, which gave him the title of a “con man” who knows how to get his work done. Despite his cheerful nature, he can be aggressive if he wants. He is shown to have a very sarcastic and blunt nature which shows how much of a raw and original personality he has. He does not shy away from showing his true nature, and that’s one of the major reasons why all of the people around him still love him.
  • Even though he is a confident man, Sakamoto also has a very insecure side. He wishes to share the burden of his friends- Gintoki, Katsura, and Takasugi and is the only one who believes and stays in contact with all three of them even after ten years. Sakamoto’s cheerful, honest, energetic, curious, optimistic, and surprisingly knowledgeable nature makes him a great addition to this list of ENTPs.


  • He is a born con-man who only wants to earn money. Reigen Arataka is portrayed as this manipulative and greedy businessman who does not shy away from doing his work during the beginning of the series. He often hides his shady business from Mob and acts as his mentor to teach him his esper abilities but, in fact, uses him for his own selfish needs.
  • Even though he starts off the series as a jerk, Reigen becomes more aware of his mistakes as he stays with Mob. Before, he was a show-off of his non-existent powers who never admitted his mistakes and often acted stubbornly to make a point. However, he thoroughly changes as we see him become more caring and compassionate towards others. He can understand Mob’s psychological state and wishes to share his burden as much as he can.
  • We also see Reigen as a very clever and intelligent man who knows his way with people. He has great interpersonal skills, and his charisma and confidence help him gain an advantage during a conversation. He is also excellent during arguments as he often keeps rational points to prove himself. He also has his own principles of not hurting others which he later teaches to Mob. His view of recognizing everyone as “equal” even after gaining psychic powers tells us about his unique perspective. Reigen has the dominant traits of an ENTP which makes him a unique character in his own way.


  • He is a flirt, he has a laid-out personality, but he knows what to say when the situation demands it- Shigeru is the jokester among the Sohmas. He is a tease and a carefree man who lives his life just the way he wants and hides a side of his which he often doesn’t show.
  • As the dog among the twelve zodiacs, Shigeru may not appear to be a reliable adult for Yuki and Kyo, but he is a good man nonetheless. As a Visionary, he likes to think ahead of what’s given, which will later be shown in the series. His relationship with Tohru and other zodiacs members is also shown to be very good even (except Kureno and Akito). However, he loves to annoy others with his idiotic acts. However, he can be very thoughtful and mature when the situation comes.
  • Shigeru is also shown to have a dark and twisted side which apparently his two friends, Hatori and Ayame, know. He can sometimes be tough to understand even after having such an open personality. He may not appear to be an intelligent man because of his lazy attitude, but he sure knows what he is doing.


  • The best way to describe Toga is that she is a crazy girl who loves blood and violence. Being one of the League of Villains members, she is portrayed as a psychotic and sadistic villain who always has a huge grin plastered on her face.
  • Toga is a very cheerful and enthusiastic girl who has a rather twisted view of “love.” Her carefree nature can easily be seen as she challenges anyone she wants because fighting and bloodlust is something she thoroughly enjoys. Her quirk gives her the ability to change into other people after drinking their blood, which is why her psychology has been affected so much.
  • Even with her chaotic and unnatural behavior, she cares for the people around her deeply. Toga does not like the society she is living in because she believes the norms here are not letting her stay true to herself, so she is a part of the League. She is often shown to be reckless yet cleverly analytical during fights which makes her a strong opponent.


  • He was just a bored Shinigami who wanted to have some fun. The character of Ryuk is fascinating as he is technically the one who began the story of Deathnote as a whole. His carefree nature is very much evident to us when we see him throwing the Death Note in the human world to see how a human would use his death note’s true power.
  • As we are introduced to Light and see the story progress, we understand that Ryuk is just there to watch the rather interesting world of humans and how Light slowly becomes the new world’s God. He finds humans to be very interesting as he stays with Light throughout the series. He is kind of a laid-back shinigami who loves to eat apples.
  • He may comply with Light’s plans but not for once do we see Ryuk assisting Light. He is just there to watch the story unfold like the viewers, and once the story comes to an end, he does what he had promised initially- he kills Light. As an ENTP is sure, Ryuk does not have his fair share of human interactions. Still, he is sure he is very observant and analytical even after having such a carefree personality.


  • As the main villain of the series, Shogo Makishima is this charismatic and confident man who is out there to watch the world burn. He is the rebel who decides to destroy the controlling Sibyl system, which takes away the worth of a human being with its programmed ideology.
  • Makishima has a very complex view of the world where he wants to see “the splendor of people’s souls” and outwardly despises every human’s way of living under the Sibyl system. He is a master manipulator who believes that whatever he is doing is for humanity’s own good as the chaos would help them decide for themselves. However, this obstinate perspective is rather forceful, which only disturbs the already manipulated society.
  • Calling him a Debater or a Visionary is rather true because his great interpersonal and analytical skills, who view the world, are not a very moral yet unique perspective.


  • This powerful and immortal snake is introduced to us as a merciless and psychotic killer. Orochimaru was primarily one of the main villains of the series, selfish, confident, charismatic, and a great manipulator. They wish to revive the deepest secrets of life, which is practically their motivation to gain more power and knowledge.
  • Orochimaru is very good with their tactical and knowledgeable mind, which is one reason why they decide to commit such heinous crimes in the first place. They are well-versed in psychological warfare and display insightful wisdom. However, one of their biggest characteristic features is their arrogance which, time and time again, shows their reckless attitude during critical situations.
  • Even though Orochimaru does not seem to be a very nice guy during the beginning of the series, eventually, we see their more caring and considerate side. They may not voice their care for their former comrades and their student, Sasuke. On multiple occasions, we see a much softer side of them after their character is redeemed.
  • Orochimaru is definitely an ENTP for his hunger for knowledge, confidence, charisma, great interpersonal skills, along with his rather stubborn and reckless attitude.


  • Energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, and a very talented chef, Soma is the protagonist of this very bizarre yet loving shonen anime named Food Wars. When we are first introduced to him, Soma is shown as a very confident teenager who wishes to surpass his father as a chef.
  • As the series progress, we see Soma’s more confident and optimistic side as he wishes to learn more techniques for becoming a great chef someday. He is very confident with his skills who often like to keep his cool during a critical situation. He is also shown to be very reckless, which can ever jeopardize his cooking career. He always tries to see where he is going wrong, not ignoring his own shortcomings but rather recognizing them, who later try to improve himself.
  • As an ENTP, Soma is amiable and helpful. He is pretty much one of the first people who could impress Erina with his cooking, even though she constantly rejects that. He can also be very prideful at times, even gloating about his dish and pointing out his opponent’s mistakes which further help them become good chefs.
  • Apart from all the ENTP characters mentioned above, there are also another few you must have heard about: Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, Kamui from Gintama, Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter, Hawks from My Hero Academia, Miura Kento from Kimi ni Todoke, Kocho Shinobu from Demon Slayer, Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs, Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle and many more.
  • So, here it is—a long list of anime characters who are ENTP. These energetic personalities sure can be loving yet annoying individuals whom we come to respect slowly. But seeing ENTPs getting portrayed in such a beautiful manner with fleshed out and developed characterization makes us viewers happy. After all, it is a delight to watch such great shows with these amazingly written characters who add more emphasis to the plot itself.
ENTP Anime Characters

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