Adjectives starting with P- Their descriptions

Adjectives starting with ‘P’

Adjectives starting with ‘P’: Plastic, Playful, Pitiful, Pink, Patel, Passionate, Plant, Plain, Periodic, Pointless, Pleasant, Pure, and more

The letter P is a pretty significant letter. For instance, we wouldn’t have the word “pretty” without it. This is a letter that, for a while, created some confusion in the world of alphabets. After the old Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Phoenicians created the pictorial alphabet got confused, and only had two letters P’s. One of them was similar to the P we now recognize, but the other looked more like an upside-down J. Then, they used the “P” letter to symbolize an “R” sound as the Greeks altered the alphabet. Luckily, the Roman came along to perfect both the form and the tone of the letter P that we know today. 

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Adjectives That Begin With P

Several distinct adjectives begin with the letter P. In fact, some might argue that P is a strong letter used to construct many adjectives, so learning your P is wise. In fact, it would be such a fun game to try to name all the adjectives that begin with the letter P. However, for now, here is a list of adjectives that begin with P, along with the examples for each sentence.

  • Puzzling

The spelling of psychology is very puzzling.

  • Pale

James has a pale face.

  • Pampered

Saloni pampered herself by going to a salon.

  • Paranormal

My cousin’s sister likes to study the paranormal.

  • Parasitic

John lives a parasitic life by constantly borrowing cash from his relatives.

  • Parental

My parents are entitled to 15 weeks of parental leave.

  • Puzzled

She has a puzzled look on her face.

  • Pushy

My brother is a pushy salesperson.

  • Peaceful

Shimla is a very peaceful place.

  • Peculiar

My peculiar brother has 10 dogs.

  • Pedestrian

Two pedestrians were victims of gun fire.

  • Penetrating

Diya heard the penetrating bell of an ambulance.

  • Perceptible

Khushi spoke very softly so her words were hardly perceptible.

  • Perceptive

My sister is a very perceptive person.

  • Perfect

Although my brother speaks perfect Bengali, it’s not his native language.

  • Perfumed

The air is perfumed with the lily flowers.

  • Permanent

She was in a state of permanent depression.

  • Purple

I like this purple dress.

  • Pure

Her dress is made up of pure silk.

  • Pungent

The air was pungent with the smell of eggs.

  • Punctual

My sister promised me that she would be punctual.

  • Public

Riya gave a bold speech in public.

  • Psychotic

The delusional addict was emotionally ill due to heavy medications and also suffered from a psychotic episode.

  • Prudent

It would be prudent to save some amount of cash.

  • Proud

I felt proud of her efforts.

  • Protective

Sunscreens provide us with a protective layer against the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Proper

The timetable must be prepared in a proper way.

  • Profitable

The deal was profitable to all of us.

  • Productive

I am most productive in the evening.

  • Probable

Success is highly probable.

  • Private

Those are my mother’s private papers.

  • Pristine

My father cleans his car every day so as to maintain his car’s pristine condition.

  • Prime

Owing to the lack of evidence, the prime suspect in the murder of a local man was released.

  • Primary

Our primary concern must be our employees.

  • Prickly

Her skin felt prickly and painful.

  • Pricey

The electronic cameras made for professional photographers by Kodak are costly.

  • Previous

Do you have any previous work experience in the content writing field?

  • Pretty

There is a Saudi Arabian saying that says a beautiful girl’s whisper can be heard far above a lion’s roar. 

  • Prestigious

The prestigious success provided her with a gateway into the highly competitive doctor’s world.

  • Present

Today thirty people were present during the conference.

  • Precious

Good health is one of the person’s most precious belongings.

  • Practical

Education is necessary, but practical knowledge is often a help.

  • Powerless

They are almost all private entities, possessing vested interests that are powerless to be touched by the state.

  • Powerful

Listening to the powerful lyrics of the music helped me to really appreciate the songwriter’s essential message of love.

  • Possible

Anything is possible with ample hard work and dedication.

  • Possessive

My father is very possessive about his new car.

  • Positive

When your father figures out that you’ve dented his new car, he’ll be positively angry.

  • Popular

As he was the most popular television actor, the news of his demise spread like a wildfire.

  • Poor

Many charities offer food and clothes to poor people in my locality.

  • Political

She began her political career as a housewife.

  • Polite

Everyone around her tried to be polite, but you could say all of them were bored.

  • Polished

I used to love slipping on the polished floor in my socks when I was young.

  • Pointless

She could not bear all the pointless intellectualizing on subjects that just didn’t matter.

  • Pleasant

The weather during this month is most likely to be pleasant. 

  • Playful

Even though she is an old dog but she’s still very playful.

  • Plastic

In order to change the appearance of her nose, she had plastic surgery.

  • Plant

You should water the plant every day in order to keep the soil moist.

  • Plain

I just want a plain black dress that doesn’t have any fancy designs.

  • Pitiful

It is pitiful to see that an animal’s life in a zoo is spent in a closed iron cage. 

  • Pink

My sister doesn’t like anything which is in pink color.

  • Piercing

My sister has a very piercing voice.

  • Physical

As people start to get older with age, mental and physical degradation both arise naturally.

  • Phobic

Many organizations are phobic to employ large no. of employees.

  • Petty

Although the disagreement was petty, it still created a big gap in the relationship between Kelly and James.

  • Pessimistic

I am not at all pessimistic about my future. 

  • Periodic

Every year during the rainy season, a periodic outbreak of any disease kills many people.

  • Personal

I don’t have many personal contacts with my college friends.

  • Priceless

My childhood photos are priceless.

  • Pathetic

Listening to his pathetic reasons made me frustrated.

  • Pastel

My room was painted with elegant shades of pastel.

  • Passionate

John is passionate about playing cricket.

  • Partial

I’m very partial to sweet dishes.

  • Pure

Dogs are usually very pure at heart.

Adjectives starting with P- Their descriptions

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