Top 6 Vegetables That Start With H- Their descriptions

Top 6 Vegetables That Start With “H”

Top 6 Vegetables That Start With “H”: Hijiki, Horse Gram, Haricot Bean, Horseradish, Heart of Palm, and Hamburg Parsley

There are several different vegetables available in the market. Still, there are not many to name that start with the letter “h.” Can you remember any vegetable starting with “h”? In this article, we want to show you a list of the vegetables that start with h. These include: 

  • Hijiki 
  • Horse Gram 
  • Haricot Bean 
  • Horseradish 
  • Heart of Palm 
  • Hamburg Parsley 

1) Hijiki: 

The first vegetable that starts with “h” is hijiki. Traditionally, hijiki, like a seaweed, has been part of the Japanese tradition. Still, its usage spread to the United Kingdom and the United States in recent years as well. The natural uses and processed uses of the hijiki plant act as an essential source in different recipes. Essentially, hijiki has qualities that are similar to a mushroom. Still, it is different from other types of seaweeds because of its peculiar black color.

After harvesting the seaweed in the spring to early summer season by fisherman, hijiki is then boiled and dried to be further used in different sources. Its uses include, but are not limited to, making soups, salads, and different vegetarian diet recipes that rely on hijiki. Other than that, hijiki has been termed unsafe to eat due to inorganic arsenic components. These components can become a source of anemia and significant liver damages as well. For that reason, different government and safety institutions around the world advise not to consume hijiki in excess. 

2) Horse Gram: 

The second vegetable on our list is horse gram. It is also called “kulthi bean” in the local dialect and “Macrotyloma uniflorum” in the scientific discourse. Horse gram is an important legume in different parts of South Asia. It is primarily used for horse feed, but at times for human consumption. Grown in different parts of India and Sri Lanka, horse gram is a popular diet rich in protein than other diet sources in the subcontinent. For this particular reason, horse gram is consumed by people as well. It is an extremely beneficial source for all the consumers who identify themselves as vegetarians. Besides that, horse gram is a popular medicinal ingredient as well, and it is used to cure different medical issues.  

3) Haricot Bean: 

Haricot Bean is also another protein-rich vegetable in our list of vegetables, starting with “h.” It is also referred to as a navy bean, pea bean, Boston bean, or white pea bean. It is grown and famous in the United States due to its high nutritional value. It is different than many other types of beans because of its smaller and flatter oval shape. It is an essential source of different nutritionally beneficial ingredients like vitamin B, fiber, and minerals. The haricot bean becomes a necessary ingredient for various soups, pies, and baked beans because of its protein-rich nature.

But, if consumed uncooked, the haricot bean might cause gastroenteritis to the consumer. Moreover, the haricot bean is divided into three major types. The first type of haricot bean is the long, shiny, and thin “cannellini.” They are best served in salads, stews, and meat. The second type of haricot bean is the smaller round beans. Finally, the third type of haricot bean is the inferior “flageolets.” 

4) Horseradish: 

Next in our list of vegetables starting with “h” is horseradish. Its origins are traced back to Southern Europe and Western Asia. Still, horseradish has been used as an essential condiment around the world. In different European countries, it is also referred to as “khren,” “Merrettich,” “khreyn,” “chren,” and “torma.” Horseradish is mainly used in different sauces to enhance the quality and taste of other foods. One of the most common uses is the horseradish sauce made from the horseradish root and vinegar combination, which is a popular condiment with different meals.

Due to the scarcity of the wasabi plants in other parts of the world, horseradish is used as the replacement to the wasabi plant, which is why it is called the “western wasabi.” The horseradish plant is also used in different biomedical and biochemical products that further increase the vegetable’s value. These multiple uses of the horseradish plant are due to its rich nutritional value. Horseradish is composed of mustard oil, rich in antioxidants, which reduces cellular damage in your body.

5) Heart of Palm: 

Another vital vegetable starting with “h” is the heart of the palm. As the name suggests, the nature of palm is extracted from the inner core of a palm tree. In the United States, the heart of palm is primarily sourced and consumed from Costa Rica. Still, it is also grown in the palm trees of Florida and Hawaii. The process of harvesting the heart of the palm is very tender and requires great precision. After cutting down the tree and removing the bark, the palm’s heart is taken after removing the fiber around the area.

But the delicate process of sourcing the palm tree acts as rewarding for consumption because of the high nutritional value of the palm’s heart. The vegetable is rich in potassium, vitamins, zinc, copper, calcium, and dietary fiber. Although it is better eaten cooked, the palm’s heart can also be eaten raw because of its delicious, tender, and soft characteristics. It can make different salads or different shellfish dishes and recipes because of the similar crab-like structure. Although it is a high-nutrition vegetable, the palm’s heart is not significantly consumed because of its high price. The vegetable has a high price because of transportation costs and the fact that an entire palm tree has to be chopped to get the vegetable.  

6) Hamburg Parsley: 

The last vegetable on our list is the Hamburg parsley. It is a type of root vegetable parsley that is mostly grown from late spring to late summer. Contrary to the other kinds of parsley, the Hamburg parsley has thicker roots, which take longer than usual for germination. Around the world and specifically in different Middle-Eastern cuisines, the Hamburg parsley is a crucial ingredient for stews, soups, or eaten raw.  

Top 6 Vegetables That Start With H- Their descriptions

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