Foods That Start With U- With their descriptions

Foods That Start with U.

Foods That Start With U: Ugali, Udon, Umami burger, Umble pie, Umbricelli pasta, Unagi, Uni, Upma, Uskza, Utthappamis, Utah scones, Ukrainian rolls

In this world, there are different types of food. Some of them were discovered and prepared many centuries ago, while some have recently been discovered. Some foods grow naturally, while some need some human activities for them to grow. Different foods start with different letters, but in this article, we shall concentrate on those foods that start with the letter u. we shall discuss what ingredients are used to prepare them, how they are prepared, and if they have a specific way of being served and eaten.

Our first food is Ugali. Ugali is commonly prepared in African countries. It is one of the staple foods in most African countries. It is a simple food to prepare where you only need maize meal or cornflour and boiling water. You then add the maize mill little by little as you stir until you form a thick paste. You then keep turning the thick paste to make sure that each side of the ugali is fully cooked. Once you see that all the maize mill has dissolved in the water your ugali is ready. Most people like their ugali served hot with some vegetables and meat. It is a very filling meal and some people like to eat it as their breakfast so that they can be full throughout the day. Ugali has some synonyms depending on different parts of the continent such as nsima, ugali pap, or nshima.

Our second cuisine is Udon which originates from Japan.  It is a chewy and thick noodle that is made from wheat flour. These noodles are prepared by boiling them in a pot. Then depending on a person’s preference, it can be served chilled, hot, or cold. Noodles are a staple food in most of Japan. When serving, some broth is added and then topped with prawns, scallions which are thinly chopped, and tempura. Different regions of Japan flavor their broth and toppings differently. This is achieved by using different soy sauces. Udon is sometimes mixed with fresh vegetables. Shredded chicken pieces and omelet slices to make udon salad.

Umami burger is the third food.  Japanese people use the word umami to describe certain savory flavors in their dishes. This word is many times used while describing meat, fish, vegetable, and dairy dishes.

Umble pie has its origin in the UK. The word umble comes from the word nomble which is a French word that means innards of a deer. The fillings of the pie are minced or finely chopped the inner organs of the deer e.g. heart, liver lungs, and kidneys. It is then seasoned with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. It is at times also referred to as medieval meat pies. 

Umbricelli pasta is Italian cuisine. It is one of the many kinds of pasta found in Italy. Umbricelli pasta originated from Siena province. It looks like a thicker version of standard spaghetti and it is hand-rolled. There is no definite recipe for this pasta because its preparation depends on the family tradition of that family.  Generally, this pasta is served with sauces such as creamy mushroom sauce and thick tomato sauce.

Unagi is an expensive dish that is common in Japan. It is made from eels that live in freshwaters. The ingredients used in its preparations are soy sauce and seasonings depending on a person’s preference.  It is prepared by cutting the fish into square pieces, the pieces are then seasoned and then dipped in soy sauce, and then grilled.  It can be accompanied by rice or even sushi. Raw eels are very poisonous thus unagi is never served raw.

Uni is another Japanese delicacy.  Uni is sometimes called the sea urchins roe. Uni means a creature’s gonads and the eatable parts of sea urchins. This dish does not sound all that appetizing but it is a favorite for many food lovers across the globe. It has a creamy texture and a strong flavor which goes perfectly well will pasta, sushi, or even sandwiches. It is mostly enjoyed from the end of summer to around April.  It is very flavourful when harvested from the gonads of a well-grown sea urchin. The best Uni comes from northern Japan, California, and Chile.

Upma is one of the many culinary adventurers that originates from the southern part of India. Ingredients that help to make this thick porridge called Upma are rice flour or semolina and vegetables.  Most people find it very filling so they take it for breakfast.

Uskza originated from Poland. Many people think of dumplings and think Asian food but it’s not the case for Uskza.  Uskza is small dumplings that have flavorsome wild mushrooms and minced meat as their fillings. They resemble tortellini and are accompanied by butter and herbs or barszcz. Vegetarians also enjoy their uskza by filling them with onions and mushrooms. In Poland and Ukraine Uskza is a traditional dish served on Christmas Eve. It is either served as a side dish or added to the soup.

Utthappamis another Indian dish.  Ideally one can think about it as Indian pizza. Uthappam is a flatbread that is thin and crispy, it is then topped off with herbs vegetables, and eggs. The Utthappam batter is made from lentils and rice.  The rice is a mixture of parboiled rice and lentil soaked overnight and left to ferment. It is then cooked at the bottom of the shot pan until golden brown on both sides. In the southern part of Indian people take it for breakfast.

Utah scones are not your regular scones. They are scones that were inspired by Native American pastries. They are puffy sweet and prepared through dip frying. They go well with other treats like chocolate, fruits like blueberries and raspberries, or buttermilk.

Ukrainian rolls are another type of food that originated in Ukraine. Some people call them pampushki.  They are soft and are topped off with garlic and herbs. They are served with other dishes in Ukraine such as borsch. You can also dip them in a warm bowl of soup and they are delicious.

Foods That Start With U- With their descriptions

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