Words Starting with Letter M- Their descriptions

Words starting with letter m

Words Starting with Letter M? Mirthful, Misty, Magnificent, Moonless, Mellifluous, Minimal, Maudlin, Meritorious, Mandatory, Melancholic

What other adjectives out there could be more interesting than ‘Mundane’ or ‘Mythical’? Let us go ahead and aim to put the twenty-six words on this list in memory.

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 It’ll be a ‘meritorious’ dive.


Means ‘full of glee’ and delight that is expressed with laughter.

Origin of Word: from “myrge” and “mery”

Synonyms: euphoric, exhilarated, elated, festive, lighthearted.

In a sentence: She had a mirthful mien when she was on the phone talking with a client.


Means ‘dimmed or shrouded by mist’

Origin of Word: from olden English to medial Dutch “mist”

Synonyms: opaque, cloudy, teary-eyed.

In a sentence: The windows of my car became misty due to the cold and wet weather.


Means ‘Without much of the moon’s light’

Origin of Word: moon comes from old English “mona” and less from Frisian “les”

Synonyms: starless, sunless, lackluster, darkling.

In a sentence: During the blackout, we expected that there would be moonlight, but it was a moonless evening so Jim took the flashlight out.


Means ‘lusciously sweet-sounding. It may pertain to a voice or melody, or anything sweetened softly by honey.

Origin of Word: from Latin “mel-” means honey and “fluere” means to flow

Synonyms: smooth, mellow, euphonious, mellifluent.

In a sentence: For the entire afternoon, we watched how flan cupcakes are mellifluously creamed.


This word means ‘of a minimum use of space and resource’ but it is still adequate.

Origin of Word: from Latin “minimus”

Synonyms: lightest, gentlest, minutest, tiniest.

In a sentence: Her style may be minimal, but it speaks aesthetically at high levels.


This word describes what a person is when they are ‘being silly while drunk’ and expresses loose emotions.

Origin of Word: from the weeping Mary “Magdalene”

Synonyms: corny, sentimental, novelettish.

In a sentence: The voice actor played a role of a maudlin surgeon who rambles on the streets about how their hospital is ruled badly by power and politics rather than primarily driven for humane means.


Means ‘worthwhile’ or deserving merit.

Origin of Word: from “merit” which came from Latin “meritum” and Anglo-French “merite”

Synonyms: praiseworthy, esteemable, laudable.

In a sentence: He is consistent with awards due to his meritorious work for the company.


Means ‘important under the law’.

Origin of Word: from Latin “mandatum” and medial French “mandat”

Synonyms: imperative, required, necessary.

In a sentence: Butter is a mandatory ingredient in baking chocolate-chip cookies.


This beautiful word means ‘being alive or aware of the entire situation.

Origin of Word: derived from olden high German “gimunt” meaning memory, and Latin “monere” which means to remind or be wary.

Synonyms: sensible, cognizant, witting.

In a sentence: Monitoring carefully what good food to put in our bodies is mindful eating.


Means ‘in a meditative state’, or thoughts in abstraction.

Origin of Word: from Anglo-French “muser”

Synonyms: reflective, melancholic, broody.

In a sentence: Her smile is very different from her solemn, musing stare.


Means ‘paying extreme attention to detail’.

Origin of Word: from Latin “meticulosus”, meaning apprehensive

Synonyms: painstaking, accurate, careful, conscientious.

In a sentence: Before teaching someone of what you know, a lot of learning and meticulous research had to be done.


Means ‘most consequential point’ or rather taking in the primary role.

Origin of Word: from old English “magan” or to be able.

Synonyms: head, principal, central.

In a sentence: The main goal for my birthday is to chill, relax, and just to love the day with those to who I am close.


Means ‘showing a kind abundance in giving’.

Origin of Word: from “munus” or gift

Synonyms: charitable, bighearted, bounteous, generous.

In a sentence: He is a munificent billionaire, aiding to help cease world hunger.


This word means ‘spirited and brave’, usually to describe an animal or person. It is a literary term that can be used to make your writing more expressive or compelling.

Origin of Word: from “metal”

Synonyms: vivacious, fearless, animated, bold, pizzazzy.

In a sentence: The grasshoppers by the grasslands are hopping merrily with their mettlesome legs.


– This word means ‘attractive as if putting you in a spell’ or a subject to mesmerism.

Origin of Word: Franz Anton Mesmer who is known for his theory of animal magnetism, later referred as “mesmerism”.

Synonyms: enthralling, spellbinding, arresting, captivating.

In a sentence: The fireworks display was mesmerizing to all of us.


Means ‘done by method’ or arranged and executed in a particular order and way.

Origin of Word: from Greek “methodos”

Synonyms: systematic, neat, organized, regular.

In a sentence: She speaks deliberately, in a methodical manner.


Means ‘being untruthful’; prone to creating a web of lies.

Origin of Word: from Latin “mendac”

Synonyms: deceitful, insincere, dishonest, fictitious.

In a sentence: I’ve read the story written about her in the main tabloids; they were harsh and mendacious.


Means ‘funny or amusing in an odd way’.

Origin of Word: from words “mad” and “cap”

Synonyms: eccentric, capricious, reckless, oddball.

In a sentence: To dress in a mascot costume around a fancy hotel is a madcap way to get other people’s attention.


Means ‘to speak in a bombastic style.

Origin of Word: from Latin “magniloquus”

Synonyms: lofty, high-sounding.

In a sentence: The maudlin, magniloquent host of the party who talked about his work loudly all night, each offered us a bottle of expensive champagne as a party souvenir to take home.


Means ‘exceptionally fine. Also, strikingly beautiful.

Origin of Word: from medial French “magnifique” and Latin “magnificus”

Synonyms: glorious, splendid, breathtaking, impressive, opulent.

In a sentence: The blue mountains in my dream were magnificent.


Means myriad forms and, or varieties.

Origin of Word: from olden English “manig” and “feald”

Synonyms: kaleidoscopic, miscellaneous, sundry.

In a sentence: I encountered a manifold of struggles, perfecting the giant sushi roll.


Means ‘ covered with grass like a meadow’.

Origin of Word: from medial English “medowe”

Synonyms: grassy, lush, carpeted, verdant.

In a sentence: It would be wonderful to have a picnic at a cool and meadowy place.


Means ‘gloomy or depressed in visage or mood’.

Origin of Word: from medial English “malencolic”, caused by “black bile” in medieval physiology.

Synonyms: contemplative, sad, crestfallen, miserable.

In a sentence: As soon as the after-school bell rang peacefully and everybody stood up and collected their things; chat happily, she remained on her seat beside the window, staring outside; radiating a melancholic vibe.


Means ‘resembling marble in distinct’. It can be in appearance, quality or characteristic.

Origin of Word: from Greek “marmaros”

Synonyms: lucid, smooth, elegant, stylized.

In a sentence: The insides of the cake had marbly patterns when sliced in half.


Means ‘emanating a mysterious and supernatural air or mood’.

Origin of Word: from medial English “mystyke”

Synonyms: deep, nonrational, ineffable, psychic, extrasensory.

In a sentence: The fortune-teller gave the cat a mystic look.


Means ‘astonishing, arousing admiration or wonder’.

Origin of Word: from Anglo-French “merveille”

Synonyms: great, sensational, first-class, miraculous.

In a sentence: It was a marvelous short time that I’ve had with you today.

Words Starting with Letter M- Their descriptions

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