Are you having trouble choosing between a Magistrate and a Doctor?

To help with your curiousness, first, let us learn about each profession

Let us look at their job description, roles, and their responsibilities in detail. Perhaps, this will help you decide.

Who is a Magistrate?

A Magistrate in the United States is a judge. To be more precise, a magistrate is a judge who involves in assisting judges in federal courts, to manage and assist them with their duties and responsibilities.

They are appointed by the judges of the federal court, whereas, the judges at the federal courts are appointed by the President of the United States. 

There are a large number of district magistrates in the country.

Now we are aware of what a magistrate is, let us dig deeper into their profession, qualifications, duties, and responsibilities.

QUALIFICATION OF A MAGISTRATE (Salary: $34,187 to $772,446 )

  • To pursue a career as a Magistrate you need to have a Diploma degree in the judiciary (law) of 3 years. 
  • Make sure to complete your primary and secondary educations with good grades, and diploma courses plus national certificate programs.
  • Although, the scope becomes much brighter if you pursue an LLB degree from a recognized university/Institution.
  • Pursuing post-graduation in law is a good idea to take your career ahead as a Magistrate. 
  • After you satisfy the education qualification, you will be eligible to be a regional magistrate or even a chief magistrate of the district, or state. 
  • Once you join the profession, you will be joining as a prospective magistrate. And after your completion of Judicial College, 6 months of practical training being conducted in courtrooms, you will fulfill the criteria to become a permanent magistrate of the region.
  • You must be between 21 and 35 years of age. 
  • Also, you’ll be trained for about a few days (3 to 4 days to be specific) before sitting in a courtroom.


  • Once you become a magistrate, there are several responsibilities that come into your daily life. They work within a limited jurisdiction. 
  • Most district magistrates judges deal with cases such as traffic offenses and violations, theft cases, scheduling orders, or small crimes witnessed in day-to-day life. 
  • The magistrates follow the law and give suitable and clear punishment for the petty offenses and violations made throughout the day. 
  • The cases they work on may be criminal cases or civil cases. Working on a civil case, the magistrates hear the prior trial conferences and motions. They are allowed to conduct the trial once they have the consent of the parties involved in the courtroom. 
  • They are responsible for the hearing of cases, initial criminal violations, and proceedings of the trials as well. 
  • They deal with complaints of criminals, post-trial cases, and participate in the management and ceremonies related to the court.
  • The federal magistrate, regional or district magistrate, all have certain roles and responsibilities and they all abide by the law.


  • A magistrate is hired by the judges of federal courts based on their skills that satisfy the requirements of the profession. 
  • It is a highly respected, rewarding, and responsible profession. They practice in the same court in the district. 
  • The skills essential for pursuing a career as a magistrate are:
  1. General awareness of the country and international affairs.
  2. Understanding of the law of the country
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Patient and calm mind
  5. Good analytical skills
  6. Problem-solving abilities
  7. Critical thinking skills
  8. Capable to make tough decisions
  9. Logically intelligent
  10. Is tactful and confident
  11. Inspirational nature
  12. Manage tough situations
  13. Good understanding of human nature and behavior
  14. Judge by fair means
  15. Ability to calm others
  16. Fluency in regional languages
  17. Awareness of surroundings
  18. Exceptional skills

So, if you are someone who sees yourself in a black coat sitting in the courtroom being a magistrate judge, then this is the best option for your career. 

If you possess these skills you are going to make an excellent magistrate judge of the district in the United States.

Moving on to the profession as a Doctor,  job description, qualifications, and job scope in the country. 

 The Profession as a Doctor

Doctors are the ones who perform studies, analyses, experiments, diagnoses and practice their treatments on the human body.

A doctor is considered the second God. Ever wondered why?

Because people with a profession as a doctor put all their time and effort saving a life. No matter whichever be the category of a doctor, they save lives. 

In the United States, all the members (doctors) with specific specialties are called Physicians


  • Students interested in Biology tend to choose medicine as their career.
  • To pursue a career as a Doctor you need to understand one thing. Studying medicine and practicing it takes around 12 to 13 years. Education starts from your higher secondary.
  • You need to pursue your degree in Medicine. First, you need to get into a United States Medical School, in order to complete your undergraduate studies. 
  • It takes approximately 3 to 4 years to complete your undergraduate degree. After which you get into internships of your specialization and learn from the experience you get.
  • To clear all these processes there are standardized examinations that could differ in different regions and countries. 
  • After a while, you can wish to volunteer in medical colleges and hospitals. 
  • One can also move ahead to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Some choose to get into nursing by doing specialized certifications and training.
  • Make sure you excel in your field and stand out to become a good medical student who further becomes a Doctor or a Physician. 


  • Being a doctor is very challenging. Yes, you get to experience different cases, diseases, and treatments. You have a life full of constant studies and experiments, but it is exciting at the same time.
  • Doctor plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. They take care of a person’s physical and mental well-being. They keep our society safe and healthy. 
  • They engage in the patient’s care, illness, and treatments. 
  • They monitor the conditions of their patients and maintain the medical record of the hospital.
  • They provide the patient with prescription and medical attention. They follow up with surgeries and take responsibility for their actions.
  • They help to suggest other and better physicians in several cases and help the ones in need. 


  • To be a doctor is to be skilled in your profession with expertise in your field with specialization.
  • The skills they possess are as follows:
  1. Good communication skills
  2. Calm and composed nature           
  3. Organize their work in a systematic way
  4. Respect their co-workers
  5. Are responsible and show professionalism
  6. Perform surgeries with expertise
  7. Able to work in extreme conditions
  8. Can handle work pressure when working long hours
  9. Good decision making
  10. Maintain records and plan the treatments of their patient
  11. Are good at leading a team
  12. Supervise and assess when needed
  13. Dedicated towards their profession
  14. Can provide emotional support to the patient   
  15. Are good in management activities


According to the resources available on Indeed few of the categories of doctors have been listed below:

To know more about the categories in the profession of a doctor, refer to the link below:

These were a few of the skills a doctor possesses. Being a doctor is not only a much-respected profession but also is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world. 

They have a wide scope in their career.

Doctors are not only good in their practices but also are very well playing a faculty member in a medical institution. They involve in research and development regarding medical studies and technology division.

They work constantly in so many categories to provide good health and care to every human suffering from any disease or health complication. 

Doctors truly are superheroes who work day and night putting all their efforts into treating their patients. 

So, by now you must be clear with choosing your profession. Both the jobs of a magistrate and a doctor are very respected and rewarding. It needs high qualifications and few mandatory skills to build a career as a hard-working professional. 

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