Deeper into the World of Depression Chat Rooms


Depression is the most common mood disorder that affects millions of people. It is defined as a long period of sad mood which results in a loss of interest in activities or hobbies that once brought us pleasure. Some other common symptoms include changes in body weight and sleep cycle, constant fatigue, inability to think clearly or make the right decisions, lack of concentration, isolation, thoughts about death and suicide, and low self-esteem. 

Other common symptoms of depression:      

People who are dealing with depression go through feelings of guilt and worthlessness. It is also associated with low self-esteem and self-hate. People affected with depression have a self-loathing tendency which makes them feel unworthy and disgusted with themselves. They lose a sense of purpose and find it difficult to see a future ahead of them. They usually feel low on energy and fatigued almost all the time. Apart from this, the way they talk and the way they move around are slowed down, i.e. their motor actions, in addition to finding it difficult to do any kind of physical activity. Some severe symptoms are when the person feels suicidal or has thoughts about carrying out the act. Due to the self-hate that they cultivate, people with depression also have a tendency to harm themselves in several ways. If these last two symptoms are seen in someone we know or when we notice these traits within us while battling depression, it is important that we reach out for professional help immediately. 

Triggers for depression:

Depression can be triggered by several aspects of our lives. It can be an effect of changes or happenings which are physical, social, emotional, or environmental in nature. 

Coping with depression:

One of the most important things while dealing with depression is learning how to cope with it. No matter how common it is, depression is challenging to deal with. Thus, it is essential that we develop the necessary skills needed to cope with it and learn how to tackle it. This helps deal with the different stressors that cause depression, which in turn helps lessen the factors that contribute towards developing it again in the future. 

There are several ways and methods in which one can cope with depression. But one of the most important and effective ways to deal with it is when we have strong social support. It is a proven fact that people are able to deal with distressing situations better when they have a good support system backing them up. When we have healthy social support, we are able to rely on people and receive the help that we need in order to overcome difficult situations. But sometimes, we may find it difficult to open up to the people in our immediate surroundings; that is when depression chat rooms enter into the picture.

One of the different ways of seeking help is support groups. Support groups are a great way to connect with people who are on the same journey where we can feel understood. There are several support groups for several causes. Chat rooms are unofficial support groups, except, they take place in the online platform. Similarly, there are several chat rooms that are specific to depression. This is a very helpful forum in which people can anonymously come together and share their problems with people who are having similar experiences. 

Everything you need to know about Depression Chat rooms:

As mentioned above, a depression chat room is a safe and anonymous online platform that allows us to connect to different people who are going through depression as well. It helps us share our experiences with someone who truly understands what it’s like to suffer from depression in a safe environment where we can get the support that we need. Even though it is not a substitute for getting professional help, it still connects us to a community of people who are suffering and going through similar experiences. These chat rooms are not restricted to generalized depression but also have different categories and conditions that cause depression. For instance, people who have bipolar disorder, eating disorder, anxiety, PTSD, etc. as well as other medical conditions.  

How does Depression chat room works?

Before entering any online chat room, we will be presented with a set of rules that we must adhere to while being a part of the room. Every chat room is moderated by a person who acts as the moderator in order to ensure that all the rules are being followed. They also make sure that a clean environment is maintained and that everyone is treated respectfully. However, these moderators are usually not headed by mental health professionals and cannot always be held accountable for controlling abusive language and behavior in the chat. Although, if someone creates an environment that makes the others in the room feel uncomfortable, the moderator removes them. This helps people stick by the rules and maintain decorum in the chat room. 

Certain downfalls to depression chat room: 

However, it isn’t all good. Sometimes, chat rooms can be misleading because of the variety of people that are present in the chat room. Not everyone that enters the chat room offers support and understanding to the people in the room. The internet is filled with different kinds of people and not all of them are necessarily nice. The same applies to the chat rooms. The people present in the chat room are not always nice and may accidentally trigger us in unpleasant ways. Sometimes, people might try to put us down when we feel vulnerable and try to take advantage of us, while some people may try to make us feel ashamed and invalidate our emotions. Other than this, some people get dependent on these depression chat rooms. We must understand that these chat rooms are merely for seeking support and must not be used as a substitute for seeking professional help when needed. 

Depression chat room are a great way of connecting with people who are going through the same traumatic experiences.  It is a great way of seeking support without having to encounter people and talk to them face-to-face. However, this is not permanent. If we feel like our symptoms are worsening, it is necessary that we seek immediate professional help. 

Deeper into the World of Depression Chat Rooms

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