Is there a Warriors movie?

Is there a Warriors movie?

I’m sure at some point in your life one would have sat and wondered what animals think and talk about or when they make their sound what are they trying to convey. Those who have pets at home are well aware of what I am talking about. All pet parents will know what their pet is trying to convey without even speaking a single word. This image of what animals are thinking or feeling has produced numerous novels and movies. Though these might not completely talk about different behaviors of the animals that have been used as characters, they still manage to explain some of the behaviors we have observed in animals which helps the audience learn and understand new things. Some movies use the real world as the environment for their stories while others choose to make the environment completely based on fiction and fantasy. Sometimes writers choose a combination of both real and fantasy to make the environment for their characters. The reason such books seem to have an impact on the readers’ mind is that these books can catch and hold the readers’ mind for a long period which intends that the book has been written and illustrated very well. While some movies are made without any adaptation of a novel some movies make animated films from the adaptation of well-known books. The specialty of books that makes use of animals as their main characters are that it is not for a specific rather can catch the mind of a child or that even of adults. These books are not limited to just animal lovers they can be read by people who enjoy reading adventure, action, comedy, and so many more genres.

The book that has been discussed comes from the same idea and perspectives that have been mentioned above. This article speaks about the various things found in the book rather than the plots of the series. 

Warriors’ series novels: 

Warriors are series of novels that are primarily based on feral cats and their great adventure which has multiple clans. The novels are based in fictional locations and are written by four authors who are:
Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Victoria Holmes, Dan Jolley, Tui T. Sutherland all go under the pseudonym, Erin Hunter. The first novel was first published in the year 2003 on 21st January and the series continues to date. This book comes from the United Kingdom and the language of the book is English. Though the genre under this book mentions as adult fiction under various reports it is said that children as young as eight can also read this series of novels. 

This series is so famous and well known around the world that it manages to have its website. This series of novels currently has seven subseries each of these series containing six books. This series is so popular and has received such a high following around the world that it is translated to other languages as well. 

There are several other themes other than adventure and action such as nature versus nurture, acceptance and so many more which teach readers so many aspects which they might not learn in their real life. The fictional and fantasy-based locations are inspired by several real and natural locations. The authors of this series of the novel have learned and observed from other famous authors and their writings. 

Though this series hasn’t received any kind of literary awards it still managed to gain the attention of the New York Times Best Seller List and has been nominated under several other categories as well.

 These series have mostly received positive reviews but also managed to gain criticism which is quite obvious. The series is so big and long that it tends to create confusion among readers. It has been compared to various other writings but fails to realize that it is meant for lower reading level readers. 

All the authors have mentioned their inspiration each one being different which enthusiasts can read from their official website. This series also have super editions or also known as standalone which are lengthier than the original books. There are thirteen super editions and the first one releasing on 21st August in the year 2007 with the most recent release being on 1st September 2020 and another scheduled being this year. This series has also made several other publications called “field guides” which revolves around the universe of the series. The first release of this being in the year 2007 on 29th May and the most recent release of the book from this collection was seen in the year 2013 on November 5th. This series also managed to have manga under its collection. These also have novellas that are published in electronic format and later converted into three novellas each. Their series is also available in audiobooks. The covers of these series are slightly different in The United States of America. 

Media influence on the Warriors Series: 

This series had a major influence on the audience. Hence they had to expand their work from books to various other things. They had their mobile application which contained short stories of a series of novels. They didn’t limit themselves to a mobile application but had plays also around the world about their stories. Their mobile application was released on all stores in the year 2011 on 30th August which was later removed and re-introduced in the year 2019. 

With so many things introduced to this series on novels we all expected it to have some movie or film in its franchise. So to answer the above question “Is there a warrior cat’s movie?” the answer to this question is that yes there is a film in making with this series. The movie is said to be released in 2023 according to several official reports and there have been several trailers, videos about the release date. There has been speculation all so much news about its release but this is the official time that has been reported. This series seems to have a mix of British and Chinese culture due to which there had been a lot of confusion which was later cleared by the producers.  The famous Chinese company Alibaba pictures have successfully negotiated the rights from HarperCollins. The only kind of information that has been known is that the film will be in CGI action and live-action and there will be no use of motion capture. 

To conclude the novel series has managed to create a huge fan following and the only hope of all readers and fan is that the film will be released as soon as possible and manages to create the same impact and justifies as the Warriors Series of novels have managed to create. 

Is there a Warriors movie?

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