What are the Best Christmas Puns?

Best Christmas Puns

It’s that time of the year when the entire family gathers for food, celebration, and snow much fun, right? Oh, wait! There’s something miss-sleighing. Yes, you guessed it. The Christmas puns war. Any holiday season is incomplete without having competitions and enjoying all the fights and laughter together. The best kind of competition is the one about wit. And what better judgment of humor than throwing away Christmas pun. If you’re looking to sleigh up your level and fly in the sky with your jolly jokes, this list is the one you need. Give this list a read and have the most firtastic time with your family and friends. Reign-deer the pun war and Adam fun to the Eve. So, with the holiday season in mind, let us sled forward. 

Jolly Jokes : Christmas Pun

To begin with, let us talk about the talk of the town – the Christmas festival itself. Here’s a list of 50 jolly jokes about the festival for you to have a wine-derful time on Christmas eve.

1. What does a snowman have for breakfast – snowflakes

2. How do the reindeers clean their sleigh before and after Christmas – They use a Santa-tizer

3. What is the forecast for Christmas Eve – It’s about to rain, dear.

4. What is the favorite subject of Santa – Chemistree

5. Children should know how to tie their shoelaces, otherwise, they will end up on the knotty list of Santa.

6. What is the name of the daughter of Mr. Christmas – Mary Christmas

7. Where do all the snowmen meet their partners – at a snowball

8. What kind of bedsheets do gingerbreads use – cookie sheets

9. What do you call an elf who sings – A wrapper

10. Which subject do Santa’s helpers like the most – English. Because it talks about subordinate Clauses.

11. Which Santa reindeer needs to learn manners? – Rude-olph. 

12. Why does Santa like to travel through chimneys – Because chimneys soot him. 

13. How do you invite people over for Christmas parties – Your presents are requested. 

14. You met an attractive boy on Christmas, you tell your friend that you are smitten by him. 

15. Your friend asks if you love him, you say yes, it is love at frost sight.

16. You don’t invite people who don’t believe in Santas because they are Claus-trophobic.

17. What is the best dessert for Christmas – Ice-crispies 

18. Why was the turkey chosen for a pop band – Because he was the one with drumsticks. 

19. What does Santa say while walking backward – Oh, Oh, Oh!

20. When does a snowman look through the carrots – when he picks his nose.

21. What is the best head accessory for snowmen? – Icecaps.

22. Why did Santa’s helpers see a therapist – Because they had low elf esteem.

23. What do you do to decorate your Christmas tree better – You spruce it up a bit more

24. How do students who don’t go to school learn – they are elf-taught 

25. What candies does Santa like the most – Jolly Ranchers

26. How do snowmen travel around the town – using an icicle

27. Why does the Christmas alphabet only have 25 letters – Because it has no L

28. What decorations do reindeers use for Christmas trees – Ornaments

29. What junk food do snowmen love the most – Icebergers

30. Why does a skeleton feel lonely on Christmas – Because he has nobody to go to a Christmas party with

31. What’s is the favorite Christmas song of monkeys – Jungle bells

32. Which holiday mascot does not have any change – St. Nickel-less

33. Why do Christmas trees dwell on the past – Because the presents beneath them 

34. What is the favorite festival of snowmen – Winter, because they can camouflage then. 

35. How do you threaten someone on Christmas – You say “Yule be sorry if you do this”

36. Why doesn’t a cat climb a Christmas tree – Because it is afraid of the bark

37. How does a Christmas day end – It ends with a y 

38. How do you tell someone if you’re supporting them during Christmas – You say “I’m pine-ing for you”

39. How do you toast on Christmas – You raise a mistle-toast 

40. What kind of ball do you arrange on Christmas – A jingle ball

41. Who delivers presents to sharks on Christmas – Santa Jaws

42. What is the best way for snowmen to spend their free time – Chilling out 

43. What do you get if you mix an iPad and a Christmas tree – A pineapple

44. What do elves do after school – gnomework

45. How do fish celebrate Christmas – by singing Christmas corals 

46. What candy does a Christmas tree like – ornamints

47. What do you get if a dog bites you during Christmas – a frostbite

48. How does Santa start a race: ready set ho ho ho 

49. What do you call a snowman with a six-pack – abdominal snowman

50. What do peanut butter and grape say to each other – ‘Tis the season to be jelly

Christmas pun can be used to gear up things, but to really sleigh up the game and the night, you’ll need some special puns based on the different components of Christmas. Why not have a round of puns specifically on Santa, or elves, or Christmas trees? If you and your family are up for this idea, don’t leave now to search for those Christmas puns. This article is a seasonal package and it will give you all the special puns as well. Continue reading and be ready to find lists and lists that are not Christmas pun presents for a change. Feel free to think of your pun ideas while reading. But if you’re someone not good at coming up with your Christmas pun, this article will be your Santa this Christmas pun, giving you the gift of witty puns. 

Sleighing Santa 

The target of all kids, the most celebrated legend of the holiday. Why not begin with Santa who graces the celebrations with his presents. Here’s a list of 25 Santa puns to get your Christmas pun war going. 

1. Christmas makes me feel Santa-mental 

2. The reindeers who run away every Christmas are rebels without a Claus 

3. Can we all have a round of Santa-plause for the performance

4. What do you say when you’ve found your love during Christmas – I’ve found my soul Santa

5. Jonn Legend said – Claus all of me….loves all of you…

6. Nobody can terminate you without a Claus 

7. The dress you’re wearing soots you 

8. The head of the family always has the final sleigh

9. Why is everyone so quiet why is no one sleighing anything

10. Why did Santa get delayed while delivering all the presents – he was taking a sleigh-over in between 

11. Can Santa deliver presents even in a thunderstorm – yes, his sleigh is carried by a rain deer

12. Which measurement from the metric system is used during Christmas – Santameter

13. What happens when Santa goes bankrupt – He is Saint Nickle-less

14. Santa is a karate expert, he has a black belt in it. 

15. What is Santa on a beach called – Sandy Claus

16. If Santa has a dog what will it be called – Santa Paws

17. What is something as big as Santa but has no weight – Santa’s shadow

18. Why did Santa put a clock on his sleigh – to check how time flies

19. Where does Santa stay on vacation – in a ho ho hotel

20. How does Santa teach the alphabet – A B C D E F G…. H I J K L M N Oh Oh Oh P Q R S T…

21. For how much did Santa get his sleigh – for free, it was on the house. 

22. Why does Santa get a parking ticket always – because he parks in the snow parking zone

23. What does Santa do himself while baking cookies – he only rolls the dough ho ho ho 

24. What are the rules in the North pole called – Santa C’laws

25. Why do some people call Santa a ghost – because he only shows his presents once a year. 

Now that we have our Santa ready, it’s time to put up the Christmas tree. Sled up your word power and speed up your speaking skills. Decorate the tree with small pines and Christmas pun and make it a firry evening with your family and friends. Read on to find some of the best jokes and take your war to the next level. 

The Comical Christmas Tree

The next most celebrated aspect of Christmas – the tree. Putting it up, making its ornaments, and decorating it is one of the longest rituals in every family. Oh, and who can forget that this is the perfect hideout for all the presents by the family members. Who can forget to joke about this important aspect of Christmas pun tree. Here’s the list of 25 Christmas pun about the Christmas tree. 

1. The pun war you’re having is something you’ll never fir-get. 

2. How do you appreciate the decorations on the tree – the decorations are tree-mendous

3. Youngsters exclaimed – this tree is lit!!

4. “You’re crying, are you okay?” “Yes I’m pine”

5. “Can you do me a favor?” “Yes fir sure”

6. Things might be bad today but don’t stop be-leaf-ing in the good. 

7. How do you countdown for the new year – tree two one

8. How do we know two people are in love – they’re orna-meant to be together

9. Some advice for youngsters on Christmas – you can’t stay in your comfort zone always, you need to branch out. 

10. What do you say to someone who asks you what you’re doing – you say I’m hanging out with my ornaments

11. The party’s gaining momentum, hey DJ, drop the needles

12. What did the presents say to a Christmas tree – Watts up the tree?

13. I love your company during Christmas, it’s a delight to be around you 

14. There’s a new phrase out there for Christmas – two’s company tree’s a crowd

15. My puns are the best it doesn’t matter to me if you disa-green

16. How do you express the support you have – I know I have the tree rooting for me, I don’t need you 

17. Who wants to go for a Christmas feast somewhere else when you can tree-t yourself on Christmas

18. One should always remember to decorate their house on Christmas complimentree to their aesthetics 

19. How does a punny person show their Christmas tree to others – you cedar tree there, yeah that’s mine

20. You shouldn’t make jokes that are tinsel-ting to others

21. Santa doesn’t like children who are tinsel-fish on Christmas

22. I’m not going to make Christmas puns this year fir a change. Oops I already did 

23. How do you invite someone for a Christmas party – I’ll be treeing you for Christmas

24. “Who made those ornaments?” The ornaments are elf made

25. I can’t compromise on Christmas, I need high quali-tree decorations

That’s a lot of puns, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t matter because Christmas is the festival of fir. Oops sorry I can’t help it but it is the festival of fun and what better way to have fun than to laugh at all the jokes and even make your dad happy with your collection of dad jokes 

Fun With Food 

It’ll be unfair of us to not have some food and alcohol during Christmas. After all, it’s the best time of the beer for us to make some food puns. So let us take the opportunity and extend our pun war to the dinner table. Have a good laugh wishing everyone a Merry Crisp-mas. Here’s the list of 25 hilarious food puns to spice up the conversation. 

1. Why do people drink during Christmas parties? – to get in the right spirits.

2. What kind of sandwiches do we make on Christmas – Santa-wiches

3. Someone else makes the same food puns like you, both of you are peppermint to be together

4. A Christmas party is full of red-faced Brew-dolphs with their rein-beer friends

5. What’s the best breakfast for Christmas – a mistle toast. 

6. Which movie do you make on Christmas – Bake to the future

7. What’s the best way to introduce the topic of Christmas in a conversation – let’s taco about Christmas

8. Don’t be a spoilt sport, see everyone’s egg-cited about Christmas

9. Why is the turkey never hungry on Christmas – because he’s always stuffed

10. How do potatoes wish Christmas – Merry Christ-mash

11. Which Christmas do you sing after a few drinks – Gin-gle bells 

12. How do you wish cookies on Christmas – we whisk them a merry Christmas

13. How do peas wish for holidays – they say “we’re having hap-pea holidays”

14. The Christmas seasoning is best to enjoy your time

15. How do news anchors report on Christmas – baking news! We have cookies for the entire village 

16. What do you put in a cake to complete it – your teeth

17. You need to wait for Christmas cookies, good things crumb only to those who wait.

18. Even the drinks are happy this season, we have Merri-garitas, merry-tini, and mar-treeni

19. Why is this drink pricking me? Because it is cham-pine. 

20. You need to be cautious for the mince spies roaming around the kitchen during Christmas

21. Baking is the coo-key to someone’s heart who loves cooking 

22. I am not free in the evening, I am cookie-ing for Christmas

23. How does a cookie saves himself from FOMO – he tells the candy to bake him up before everyone leaves

24. Cookies don’t like Christmas, it is a jarring experience for them

25. How do mothers scold naughty children on Christmas – they say be good for Santa’s steak

We have established the Christmas vibe, called Santa, decorated the tree, and have eaten the Christmas dinner as well. All is done and we can rest peacefully now, right? But I think we’re forgetting something…what is it you ask? I’ll tell you but not here. To know what it is that we all missed read the next section of the article. With that done, we’ll be able to end the pun war properly without making anyone feel left out. 

Punny Pets 

Yes, we forgot our pets. Our young firry members of the family. The ones who make Christmas celebrations fun even for the loneliest people out there. Let us celebrate their presence in our lives as well. So here is a section completely dedicated to our pet cats and dogs. Following is a list of 25 puns to include our pets in the war as well. 

1. How do all animals wish each other Christmas – It’s a hairy Christmas 

2. How does a whale propose to another whale during Christmas – Whale you kiss me under the mistletoe?

3. How do bears thank each other for visiting Christmas parties – Thank you for bearing with me tonight. It was a hap-bee time. 

4. Why don’t all animals sing with the skunk – because his jingle smells

5. What does the owl say when his mother asks about Christmas – Owl be home for Christmas

6. During Christmas even dogs are helpers of Santa, they are called Santa Paws

7. Dogs wish everyone Christmas at night, they go happy howlidays 

8. How do you wish a dog on Christmas – you say we woof you a Merry Christmas

9. Cats should also start giving out gifts, everyone calls them “here comes Santa Claws”

10. How does a cat wish for a good holiday – may you have a meow Christmas

11. How do you wish a cat for the holidays – may you have a purr-fect holiday 

12. Animals don’t wish Merry Christmas, they say Furry Christmas

13. A Christmas wish of a dog – After such a ruff year I need a won-dog-ful Christmas

14. No dog gets the gift Santa gets for them because there is a golden retriever of gifts among them working for Santa.

15. How does a cat respond when asked how he’s feeling – he says I’m feline happy 

16. All cat owners keep saying this – having a blue Christmas is im-paw-sible with my kitty with me

17. Where does a cat spend his Christmas – in whisker wonderland 

18. Christmas always becomes a Cat-astrophe with jumpy cats in the house

19. A cat would never tell you their true wish for Christmas, any attempt you make would only scratch the surface. 

20. Is Santa a royal because he reigns deers.

21. Santa was told to take the reins by his father but he took it literally.

22. When you bake cookies for the first time on Christmas, it’s better to warn people by telling them that cooking is a new deer-tory for you.

23. Why does Rudolph’s nose glow when he sleeps – because he is a light sleeper. 

24. How does a deer fairy tale end – and they lived happily ever antler

25. With this last one, I want to wish a Merry Christmas to you and all those deer to you

Done and Dusted

With this last set of puns, we can finally say that we have covered everyone who is a part of the usual Christmas celebrations. I hope none of you turned into your dads after reading so many dad jokes. I guess it’s better to leave the job of dads to them. I have attempted to make it easy for all those who are not good with puns to still fight and make a comeback during your Christmas pun times. I hope all the newbies and even the pros of this game, appreciate my effort. Making puns is an art and laughing at them? Well, that requires no prior skill. This is why I can take your leave, assured that if my pun-making skills are awful you guys at least got to laugh. Prepare well for Christmas and keep adding to this list till then. Have your weapons ready and sharp and I hope all of you (still reading till here) have a pun-derful time this Christmas. With that, I take your leave. 

What are the Best Christmas Puns?

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