Communication Worksheets For Couples

Communication Worksheets For Couples

The word communication was taken from the Latin word communicare meaning to share or to make common. Read more to know about the Communication Worksheets.

Communication thus can be defined as sharing information with the goal of making the message understandable and delivering it with care and concern.

Communicare, which is the root word for communication, is interesting as it ends with the word ‘care’. 

Well, this caring element is significant and holds great importance while you deliver your message to the other person.

Why do we need to care while communicating?

A careless way of conveying the message can cause communication breakdowns, and this is a thing you need to avoid doing. 

Communication breakdown in a relationship can damage the relationship if not handled and sorted out. Just as a vehicle needs fuel to run its engine, a good relationship relies on communication to run it.

Most couples have problems in these areas. How can couples work on their communication barrier?

Here are some worksheets for couples to work on if they want to improve the different dynamics of their communication.

Non- verbal communication worksheets include:- 

  •  Tone
  •  facial expression.
  • Body language.

Most couples misinterpret each other because of the wrong use of all these three non-verbal communications.

  • In order to improve it, one must check the tone of the voice while answering. 
  • Some are loud by nature, but some are just the opposite. 
  • The tone may lead to serious communication issues if we do not address them. 
  • See what your partner prefers and serve each other’s needs.

Some non-verbal exercises couples can do to improve their communication are:

  • Eye- contact exercise
  • Physical contact exercise
  • Personal space exercise
  • Gesture exercise.

Here is a worksheet made for this exercise:-

Communication Worksheets

The objective of this worksheet exercise is to create a home with a safe space and an oasis to help you rejuvenate and relax.

  • The non-verbal cues are often ignored and not followed.
  • As our world gets busier, our schedules get bigger and harder to keep up.
  •  Our relationships are mostly taken for granted due to it.

We forget that our relationships are bearing the cost of it and it loses their warmth and charm, and it dies a natural death. 

In order to prevent that, there are a couple of exercises to help you renew the feeling for each other like:- 

  • The first time you talked about everything under the sun.
  • The first time you learned about each other. 

 Getting to know each other all over again exercise will help you revisit those memory lanes of love, connection, and friendship.

  • This exercise comprises several things you could do together to know each other all over again, like a refreshers course in the relationship. 
  • It is a fun exercise to do and a lot of memories will unfold and the relationship ties will get stronger as you follow this exercise. 

Here is the worksheet for it:-

Communication Worksheets

Here is the next exercise that will help you navigate each other’s verbal communication.

Verbal communication is effective only when we communicate with:-

  • An open-mind
  • A non-sarcastic tone
  • Non-defensive tone.

Remember, a couple is supposed to be a team, not a contender to one another

  • If the communication does not use all the three mentioned above, then this communication has turned toxic and needs some immediate resolution.

Here is the worksheet exercise for it:-

Communication Worksheets

In these exercises, a couple of scenarios are mentioned using daily situations, such as, not taking out the trash, putting on weight.

  • Our communication breakdown on these minor issues. 
  • These minor issues build up into bigger problems, posing a serious risk to your relationship. 
  • Never forget that your partner is your best friend and a cheerleader for life.
  • You are here to serve and help achieve each other’s goals and dreams.

A wholesome relationship is healthy. In order to make a relationship whole, couples need to spend a lot of quality time together. 

  • In a relationship, a partner cannot assume their partner’s thoughts.
  • Assumption kills the communication between two individuals. 

Here is the worksheet exercise for it:-

  • Spend some quality time just hearing each other out.
  • Let each other know why they love the relationship.
  • Maintain gratitude in a diary for each other and read it to each other.

This exercise will give a sense of pride and accomplishment for the relationship and will give a sense of purpose to pursue each other even more than before.

Another great exercise is improving our listening skills.

Here is the communication worksheets for that:-

  • These exercises will teach us how to appreciate, understand and love each other’s needs.
  •  We will learn to be foes and not enemies and it will help us change the pattern of our thinking towards our partner. 
  • This will make the relationship into a softer, positive, and genuine one. 
  • Most often, we forget the little things that a relationship gives us, those brief moments, pleasures if we don’t attempt to remember them, we forget it.
  •  It’s a common thing to do for us humans. We are wired to think in a negative way, so our effort to think wholesomely requires a genuine effort. 

These exercises help to foster positivity among the couple. 

These exercises include taking a:-

  • Nature breaks together.

(Hiking, nature trails, camping)

  • Play games together.

(Any Sports or board games)

  • Take time to appreciate each other and tell each other how blessed you feel to have each other, etc. 

These exercises will help us channelize your negativity into a positive one and make you a better partner. Renewing the mind cannot be a bad thing.

The key takeaway from this whole worksheet:-

Couples are supposed to be teammates, playmates, and soulmates. Solid communication will build a strong friendship. If we base the foundation on that, the relationship can withstand any and every hardship.

Life is a combination of the good, the bad, and the ugly things. Every part is equally important. Without the lows, we will never experience the highs of life.  

Living life together is supposed to be fun and fulfilling and a relationship is not supposed to be endured but enjoyed in every sense possible. Working on these communication issues and working on closing the gaps through these exercises will help the relationship thrive once again.

Communication Worksheets For Couples

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