Leave of Absence Letter for School

Leave of Absence Letter for School

A leave of absence letter is insisted by the school when the child needs a long time leave. The letter explains the reasons and all the details regarding the absence. It is a formal way of approach and is necessary for seeking leave. It is the procedure of every school and high school. A leave of absence letter is a written application by employees, parents, or guardians of students, asking permission for absence for a certain reason. Usually, for kids, the letter is written and signed by their parents. It is an application seeking a leave of absence for various scenarios from the school. Let’s look into the details.

What is a leave of absence application or letter?

When a student requires a certain time off from school, he is asked to apply in writing. That application is known as a leave of absence. The reason for the absence could be infinite. But seeking permission is necessary for all. The application is submitted, to the headmaster or class teacher as per the preference. The letter is written, to inform the absence of students for a period from the school. Informing the authority through the application shows responsibility and disciplined manners.

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Reasons for leave of absence:

There are multiple reasons to write the leave of absence letter. Below are some of the reasons:

  1. Medical Condition:  When you or any member of your family has a serious medical condition, you ask for leave from the school. Health is an essential factor. So when you don’t feel good, it is better to take leave and rest at home. Also, when you have to visit a doctor, you ask for time off from school.
  2. Depression: When you go through a trauma or mental issue, you sink into depression. The task at school seems overwhelming and, you might feel pressured. It is a time to seek help. It is better to take leave from school during such conditions.
  3. Marriage in the family: There is a grand marriage happening in your family. The ceremonies and parties would require your presence. A family marriage will ask you to take leave from school. 
  4. Death in Family: As marriage is a reason for leave of absence, death is another. When somebody dies in the family, you are needed at the funeral. Then there is a period required for the healing process. It is better to take leave from school during this time.
  5. Family Vacation: This is an informal reason. But sometimes, students take leave from school for a family vacation. The trip is planned, and your whole family is going. The parents write an application to the school requesting them to grant their child leave for vacation. This vacation could be an important matter.

How to write the leave of absences application?

When you write a leave of absences letter for the school, a format is provided. You have to follow the steps while writing the letter. The format of the letter matters, just like the content. So here are some tips to help while writing a leave of absence letter:

  • Be Polite: The tone of the application must be polite and appealing. You are requesting leave, so the letter must be able to convey that feeling. The expression must be genuine and clear.
  • List the reason correctly: The reason plays an important role. Based on that, you are granted leave. So mention the reason of leave clearly. The reason must be convincing to the principal.
  • Resonance of letter:  The sound of the letter must be reserved. It should convey the message. The reason must be clear along with the emotion of the letter.
  • Concise writing: The writing of the letter must be on point. State all the facts and reasons clearly. Any sort of confusing words may not transfer your intention. So be concise while writing the leave of absence.
  • Grammatical errors: Make sure the letter is free of any grammatical errors. Re-check the letter before submitting it to the school. The letter must have proper punctuations and correct words.
  • State the relationship of the sender: If the letter is written by parents or guardians, then they must mention the details. If the parents write the letter on behalf of their child, then that must be mention.

Format of leave of absence letter

The student, while writing a leave of absence, needs to stick to the format. If the letter is not written clearly, then it can be rejected. Here is the format of writing a leave letter for school.

  • Salutation: Here, you mention the person you are writing in the letter.
  • The subject of the letter: This will explain the reason behind the letter.
  • Reason for leaving: This part is where you explain the reason, for seeking permission for a leave of absence.
  • The number of days leaves needed: Mention the date from which you required the leave. Also, write the date of your coming back to school.
  • Contact information of parents:  The information of parents is required while writing the leave of absence. Contact numbers and the emergency number are necessary. 
  • Signature of parents: By the end of the application, the signature of parents is required.


While planning on taking a leave for any reason the student is required to apply. The leave of application is handed to the requested authority. While writing the leave of absence letter, a proper format is needed to be followed. Otherwise, the letter could be rejected, and the leave shall be declined. The reason for writing the leave of absence application must be genuine and convincing.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How long can the leave of absence be?

Answer: The length of the leave depends on the reason. If the child has a health issue, then the leave could be extended. But generally, a child is required to not miss school, for 10% or more. If that happens, the parent is fined, by the authority. The fine, range from $2,500 to jail.

  1. Do school absences have any effect?

Answer: The number of absences from school could have a major effect on the student’s academics. Also, if they are absent for more than 10% of school, they can be suspended. It could also lead them to drop out of high school.

Leave of Absence Letter for School

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