Is the Wanelo App Safe?

Is the Wanelo App Safe?

Is this app legit?

Is Wanelo shutting down?

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Are products bought from Wanelo good and not fake?

Okay, okay! You may have several questions regarding Wanelo’s legitimacy, hold on before coming directly to this answer, and let us talk about Wanelo. In this article, we will discuss Wanelo, its legitimacy, and this Wanelo App is Safe or not. 

What is Wanelo?

Wanelo is a social media shopping site that facilitates the purchase of new products online. The company’s name is resembled by three words Want, Need, Love (Wah-nee-loh). This online shopping site operates as a digital mall, including both large renowned brands and independent sellers. Wanelo has reported over 550,000 digital malls stores, while 150 retail stores around the United States in 2019. Currently, the company has 30+ million products listed on its website. 

Wanelo users are active regularly. On average Wanelo users spends 50 minutes on its digital mall sites. Approximately 70% of its users are regular and active monthly. It also convinces the statement that Wanelo is working smoothly and legally. 

Deena Varshavskaya founded the company in 2012 and is headquartered in Soma, San Francisco, United States. Deena Varshavskaya is itself the CEO of Wanelo. 

Type: Private

Industry: E-commerce, Internet, Consumer goods


Let us come to the most wanted question that is, is Wanelo a safe app? Is it legal in the United States? Can we use it without getting any bugs? Are products bought from Wanelo are good and does not fake? 

In this article, we will talk about it in detail. We hope this article gives you a clear picture of the Wanelo app. 

Is Wanelo Legit and safe? 

Of course, this question is a crucial one even plan to visit the site. It’s cool to think about it because you are spending your money on some product. A consumer may feel safe and confident while using an app. 

Three elements will answer your question whether Wanelo is legit or not? These three elements are corporate transparency, national recognition, and safety. 

1- Corporate Transparency: Corporate transparency means the actions of the company gets observed by the public. Wanelo is a public company as it records and displays its funding amount each time, and its corporate actions, get observed by the outsiders/public. 

It shows that Wanelo is a legit company. This element is necessary for a company to be a start-up, as it allows people to see who exactly is supporting the company. The plus point of the company is it also researches millions of active users and their top-performing company. It’s conducted to see how people interact and react with the Wanelo app. 

2- National Recognition: Wanelo has gained an impressive amount of media attention since the time of its establishment. The company got a good review and respect from some well-renowned media outlets such as CBS News, Forbes, The New York Times, and Fast Company. The company receives highlighted reviews such as growth, ideas, teamwork, and culture. These achievements make the company’s app legit.

3- Safety: Wenelo ensures all the privacy policies. It promises that all personal information is safe and does not get rented or sold. It is a safer place to share information, such as name, contact number, email address. The company states that credit card number, as the information is encrypted and secured.  

These elements ensure a wide range of transparency of the Wanelo app. Yes, we can say it is safe to use this app, and Wanelo is legit. 

How does Wanelo work? 

Wanelo works simply like Pinterest. People say it’s like Pinterest because both have functions like saving what they wish to buy, browse through photographs, etc. Wanelo allows its users to fill the items they love to buy by creating a wish list. Through this process, they can follow other users and could track their favorite store. Every product you see on any social media site or Wanelo online website link’s to a digital mall. This process makes the consumers buy a product efficiently, and they can also locate the shop. 

You can visit some of the user’s accounts to see their online fashion shopping style and wish lists. We are penning down some of the famous personal accounts. Some account names, such as Veronica Gledhill, Dave Cuzner, Michele Lam, could help fulfill your shopping addiction. 

Is Wanelo a new wish alternative? Can we rely on this app?

Yes, Wanelo could be your new wish alternative. Consumers can rely on this global digital mall. It consists of new vendors with a wide range of products at a reasonable price. It is a globally spread market, but 90 percent of users are from the United States. The advantage of this company is it takes models from the online marketplace and turns it into interactive digital mart. It makes it a unique online fashion shopping mall that could be your new wish alternative.  


Wanelo has poised to become a good, safe, legit, and free shopping app. A combination of social media and online fashion malls has become powerful among the free shopping apps. 

Do many questions arise as is Wanelo shopping worth? Is it safe to use? But it has withstood all its acquisitions. 

You can visit the Wanelo shopping website or app without any safety issues, and the app is available on both iOS and Android.

Is the Wanelo App Safe?

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