What is Hazelton PA known for?

What is Hazelton PA known for?

Have you heard of Hazelton? Do you know where it is and what it is famous for? If you want to get acquainted with Hazleton, you have landed upon the correct article. Read on to know more about Hazelton. This article will elucidate upon some of the reasons Hazelton PA is known for.

Hazelton is one of the safest cities in the United States. The people residing in the city are quite content with the place and would like to recommend it to others as well. The other thing that it is prominent for is its coal deposits, because of which it became a prosperous mining town.

Location of Hazelton

A city in Luzerne country of Pennsylvania in the United States, it is situated on Spring Mountain of the Buck Mountain Plateau and is at a height of 1,624 feet, 24 miles south of Wilkes-Barre. It got its name from the hazel bushes which were earlier known as ‘the Great Swamps’, which were found in large numbers in this area. This article will elucidate upon some of the reasons Hazelton PA is known for.

Coal Mines and Immigrants

Hazelton was originally a lumbering settlement and became a prosperous mining town with the discovery of anthracite coal deposits in 1818 which was laid out by the Hazelton Coal Company in 1836. As a consequence of the discovery of coal deposits, the city experienced growth and development. It became one of the most prosperous mining cities in the state. The presence of coal mines demanded labor. This allured many immigrants from different parts of the world. They were attracted by the job opportunities that were born out of this discovery of coal deposits. In addition to this, with the discovery of coal mines, railways came to the city of Hazelton.

The first set of immigrants arrived in the 1840s and 1850s, this set consisted mainly of German and Irish people. The second set arrived in the 1860s to 1920s, these were mostly Italian, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, and many more. The coal mines in the United States helped it become a dominant industrial power in the world.

However, this coal mines-based economy was short-lived. After the end of World War II, the coal mines declined, and a variety of manufacturing industries like plastic bags, foam products, cigars, candy, computer equipment, etc, became the economic mainstay. 

Patch Towns

Another enthralling feature of Hazeltown is its famous ‘Patch Towns’. These patch towns are basically company towns that were set up by certain companies to house miners and their families. The most prominent patch town where coal was discovered, is Beaver Meadows. Other patch towns are Janesville, Milensville, Stockton, Freeland, and many more.

Famous for silk

Along with coal, Hazelton city is also prominent for its silk industry. The Duplan Silk Corporation softened the image of Hazelton and in its initial days about 25 million yards of cloth a year.

Famous things to do in Hazelton

The most popular vacation destination is the Great Hazelton Area, which is located at the foothills of the Ponocco Mountains. It is a beautiful place for recreation. The quality of life at the Great Hazelton Area attracts people and businesses from all around the world. The city is also known throughout the world for being a safe city in the United States.

Hazelton attracts tourists in large numbers mainly because of the wide variety of recreational activities available in the city. These include golfing, boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, and many more. The city also has a very famous sporting event called Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza. It is also known for its proximity to Interstates 80 and 81 which reduces its distance from New York City and Philadelphia.

These were some of the things that Hazelton is known for.


Hazelton is a city that developed and gained prosperity with the discovery of coal mines. It is also prominent for the silk industry and the recreational activities that tourists can undertake in the city. The city is also safe, which is a major reason why people want to dwell in here. The city has absorbed many immigrants which came in as a result of the expansion of the coal mining industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What activities can I do in Hazelton?

Some of the popular activities one can do in Hazelton are boating, golfing, hiking, movies, fishing, and hunting. There are some amazing restaurants which offer amazing food.

What is Hazelton known for?

Hazelton is known for many things, coal mines and silk being two of them. It is also known for its safe environment and recreational activities. Hazelton allures people with all these traits.

What is Hazelton PA known for?

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