Safeway Pharmacy

Safeway Pharmacy

Safeway is an American supermarket chain. Safeway is a subsidiary of Safeway Inc. Marion Barton Skaggs founded it in April 1915. Safeway Inc. is a subsidiary of Albertson. It sells bakery items, grocery items, merchandise, Starbucks coffee shops, fuel centers, and pharmacy, etc. Read more about Safeway pharmacy.

In recent times, medical service providers have become very important to everyone, and that’s why people are curious about services from it.. This article informs about different services provided by Safeway pharmacy and how one uses them.

Services by Safeway pharmacy

It provides a range of services from providing prescriptions to immunizations and many other important medical services. To know more about the pharmacy services, check the list given below.

Immunization program-

Safeway pharmacies provide vaccine doses for flu, Singtel, pneumonia, and covid-19, etc. One can easily make their appointments for the respective shots and visit the pharmacy.


Safeway pharmacy has partnered with CoreMedica to screen blood tests. One can check the price of getting different tests such as cholesterol, blood sugar, liver function on its website. Once the test results come out, they can be checked online or at its website. After the check-up, the pharmacists give advice and prescription based on the patient’s condition.

Specialized care for complex conditions

Some of the health conditions require regular administration and care from the doctor. Safeway specialty care provides specialty care and coordination for such special health conditions.

Compounding service

Safeway’s compounding service is licensed to make custom-made medicines for patients according to their body needs.

Travel safety-

Individuals can be free from the risk of getting ill during their trips by getting vaccinated before traveling abroad. To lessen the chances of getting ill, one should consult the doctors, and they can also make their travel health profile on Safeway pharmacy’s website 

Safeway pharmacy app

Safeway pharmacy is an app for Safeway customers, so they can use its different features to get their medications. The Safeway pharmacy app can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the Apple store. Here’s a list of features the Safeway pharmacy app offers:

  • Refilling their prescriptions.
  • Transfer their prescription to another pharmacy near them.
  • Customers can refill their prescriptions without making any account.
  • Users can search for a Safeway pharmacy near them.
  • The app can remind users to refill their prescription before it ends.
  • Users can also track the status of their order and pick it up whenever it’s ready.
  • Getting prescriptions for their pets.

Refilling a prescription via the Safeway pharmacy app

Safeway pharmacy patients can ask for refilling their prescriptions just by sitting at their homes. To do so, they have to first download the Safeway pharmacy app and register for the account.

One can set reminders so that they get notifications before their prescription ends. These refill reminders ask for your approval to refill the drugs by sending them letters or numbers.

If you get a message reminding you to refill your prescriptions, and it asks to reply with numbers like 1, 2, or 3, it’s time. Then you should reply with each number separately. If the user doesn’t send replies separately, the system doesn’t initiate the refilling process.

You cannot refill the schedule 2 drug-using mobile apps or web pharmacy. The expired prescriptions or prescriptions which do not have remaining refills are also not refilled through the mobile app. In all these cases one has to visit the pharmacy, and they will contact your doctor with the related concerns.

Adding multiple prescriptions to the same account.

It is possible to add multiple prescriptions within the same account. Here are the instructions to fill multiple prescriptions.

  • Open the mobile app and click on the “refill from list” option.
  • It’ll open the prescription lists and now select the prescription that you want to refill.
  • Now choose the ‘order refill’ button and it’ll open the order details page.
  • There you’ll find a plus sign icon on the upper right-hand corner, and from there you can add other valid prescriptions in your order.

Immunization services by Safeway pharmacy.

Safeway pharmacy offers immunization programs for flu, shingles, pneumonia, Tetanus, pneumonia, covid-19, etc. citizens can schedule their vaccination appointments through the website or by directly walking into the pharmacy. Safeway pharmacy has administered 7 million vaccines of covid-19, nationwide.

Citizens over 65 years of age, or those between 18 and 64 years of age but have symptoms or work under such conditions where they are at risk of getting covid-19 are eligible for the free shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

Dose of different covid-19 vaccines-

The number of doses depends on the specific vaccines. Given below is a table to show the number of doses required for each vaccine.

S.novaccineNo. of doses requiredWaiting time before next dose
1Janssen vaccine1

It is advised that one should take the same dose of the same vaccine they have taken the first shot off.


Safeway pharmacy contributed hugely to the vaccination drive within America. It made it much easier for the citizens to avail themselves of medical services with the digital availability of Safeway, i.e., its app and website. Refilling prescriptions and transferring prescriptions from one pharmacy store to another has become easy with the Safeway pharmacy app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: Is it free to get the vaccination from Safeway pharmacy?

Yes, Safeway offers free covid-19 vaccination and booster shots.

Q.2: Can you get a health screening from Safeway pharmacy in New York?

No, currently the health screening facility from Safeway pharmacy is not available in New York.

Q.3: Can I manage prescriptions of my pet at Safeway?

Yes, you can bring the prescription written by your pet’s veterinarian, and you’ll get it from the Safeway pharmacy.

Safeway Pharmacy

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