Do Walmart Do Wheel Alignments?

Do Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

Walmart is known for the different types of products and services that they have to offer to the common people. There are so many other types of services that Walmart is indulged in rather than just selling products in their stores. Read more Do Walmart Do Wheel Alignments.

However, if you are looking to align your four-wheeler car, then it cannot be done in Walmart as of 2021. It would be completely useless to visit Walmart to align your wheels because they are not offering such kinds of services to the common people anymore. 

There are other types of services that you can avail of from Walmart which might be of great benefit for you and as well as for your family. Some of the most famous services offered by Walmart range from retail goods to wireless services. 

Where Should I Align My Car Wheels?

There are so many other car garages and service centers where you can go for wheel alignment. It would be a bad idea to visit a Walmart Auto Care Center to align the wheels of your car. Other car servicing stores like Mr. Tire, Big o Tires and many such kinds of centers would be great. 

In the United States of America, there are so many auto care servicing centers with costs ranging from $50-$100. There is an option for the people from where they can get their wheel alignments done but that cannot be done in a Walmart auto care. 

If you are near a Walmart auto care center, then you can get other auto care services but not wheel alignments. So, you need to know all of these things before you go to a Walmart auto care store. However, Walmart’s auto care stores have a lot of products that are priced, which you can have a look at. 

Walmart Auto Care Services

If you find an auto care store of Walmart, then you can expect that the store is selling various types of auto parts along with a variety of services. If you are looking for a low-priced service then you can consider Walmart.

Walmart’s other auto care services include TPMS re-learn and 50-mile re-torque services, which have been made completely free of cost services for all customers. Along with such kinds of services Walmart offers tire services.

Some of the most common tire services that you can avail from Walmart auto care are as the following:

  • Flat tire repair (tubeless): $15 for every tire
  • Tire mounting (carry-in): $10 for each tire
  • Tire rotation: $2.50 for each tire
  • Lugnut replacement: $2 for every tire
  • Lifetime balance and rotation: $14per tire
  • Road hazard warranty: $10 for each tire
  • Valve stem installation: $3 for every tire

How To Book An Appointment With Walmart Auto Care Center?

Customers can now book a hassle-free appointment for servicing their car in the Walmart auto care center. First of all, you need to find the nearest Walmart auto care center available to your house. Take the help of Google Maps to know about it.

Now, with the help of Walmart’s application for mobiles and boo yourself an appointment with the nearest service center. You can also call the nearest service center and book an appointment for yourself. 

Thanks to Walmart for this process because it is so much easier than just showing up directly in the service center. So, if you are currently looking for a service, then you should immediately book an appointment with Walmart.


Since Walmart is not into wheel alignment services anymore, you cannot opt for it as well. But, we hope that in the future, Walmart will try to bring in those services as well so that those common people can benefit from their services. 

You can avail of other services that are offered by Walmart auto care centers. There are different types of auto parts available in those service centers which might be of some use to you. Next time whenever you visit a store, do check them out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Walmart do wheel alignments?

Ans: As of the year 2021, Walmart is not offering its wheel alignment services to the common people. 

  1. Where can I get my wheels aligned?

Ans: In the United  States of America, there are so many auto care service centers that you can have a look at. Try searching for one taking the help of Google maps. 

  1. How long does a wheel alignment take?

Ans:  Normally, it can take around more than an hour for wheel alignment, whether it is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. If the condition is worse, then it can take more than two hours. 

  1. Is it necessary to get wheel alignments done?

Ans: Yes, it is necessary to get wheel alignments done once in a while. In case you have just installed new wheels, then it will not be necessary to do it.  

Do Walmart Do Wheel Alignments?

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