Does Walmart Make Keys?

Is there a difference between Gap and Gap Factory

Walmart is an American-based company, having a considerable web of their stores stretch around the globe. It has about 10,524 stores and 24 clubs in 24 countries. Walmart operates in many countries with different names. Read more Does Walmart Make Keys?

For instance, in Mexico, it is known as Walmart De Mexico y Centroamerica. In India, it is known as Flipkart wholesale. This is among the most profitable company in U.S and Canada. In the U.S and Canada Walmart runs its stores by their name only. That is Walmart. 

Locks are essential to protect or save our home from unnecessary theft activities. But many people find it difficult to protect the key. That is, they lost keys frequently. So these types of people will be requiring a means of saving a key or several duplicate keys so that they always have one key somewhere in their reach if they lose one. The MinuteKey kiosk is a cheaper and faster way to produce duplicate keys.

Does Walmart make keys?

In short, yes, Walmart does make keys. To be more precise, Walmart provides a service called MinuteKey kiosk, where anyone can copy their home and office keys. This is just the beginning of this type of service so, this service is not provided by every Walmart store. To find whether the MinuteKey kiosk is available to

your nearest store. Just go to the Walmart website. They have provided a MinuteKey locator option. This is a machine that produces a duplicate key for your office or home within a minute.

Steps to Copy/duplicate Key on MinuteKey Kiosk Machine at Walmart.

  • After reaching in front of the kiosk, Press the start button
  • Then you will hear a voice instructing you to insert the key in the slot below the screen.
  • Select a key design
  • Then choose your payment method. It can be a debit or credit card.
  • Wait for a minute. You can watch a robotic hand doing some mechanical work.
  • Then pick up the copies, and don’t forget to take your original key.

MinuteKey Kiosk is expensive?

It costs only about $2 to $6 to copy a key. It will depend on your design selection. There are several designs they provide. Not only does this Walmart take guarantee of the key, if the machine somehow produced a miscut or malfunctioning key, but Walmart will also refund within 30 days. So, you should not worry about that.

It is a cheaper way to make duplicate keys. 

What to do if Walmart’s MinuteKey kiosk is not available near your house?

There are various options available to produce the duplicate of a key. You can use the conventional method

and reach out to the locksmith. One of the most popular and easiest ways. The locksmith will be readily available in most of the urban areas.

Other options lead to Kmart, Kroger, Lowes, and Menards. These are some of those places where you can search for a critical copying machine or manual labor.


Anyone can use Walmart’s MinuteKey kiosk. The only thing to take care of is to find a Walmart near you which have this facility. Various retail stores provide the same facility, but the reach of Walmart is tremendous. Although Walmart has recently installed the MinuteKey kiosk, many Walmart stores do not contain the booth. The booth is made by a subsidiary of Hillman minuteKey. It takes very little time to duplicate the A key. You Can easily find some videos on YouTube if you want to take a sneak peek at the machine. It also doesn’t cost high. If you’re going to locate a MinuteKey device near you in a Walmart store, you can easily find a website on the browser. 


1. Does MinuteKey kiosk Copy all types of keys?

 No, it does not copy the following types of keys. This can be considered as beneficial for a holistic manner but also a drawback. Valuable in the sense that it doesn’t allow to copy keys related to High-security buildings. The drawback in mind is it doesn’t allow to copy Car, bike’s keys. 

2. Which types of keys do MinuteKey kiosk can Copy?

Answer. It can copy several keys like House keys and office keys of the following varieties as follows. 

  • Kwikset KW1 and KW10
  • Schlage, Sc1
  • Baldwin, Titan, and copies of above mentioned vital types.
  • Padlock key master M1.

3. Is it safe to copy keys from Walmart’s MinuteKey kiosk?

Copying home or offices keys from a not so familiar so anyone can raise this doubt. This totally secure, Walmart’s MinuteKey kiosk doesn’t save the shape or any type of crucial information regarding your key.

Does Walmart Make Keys?

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