Door Dash vs Grub Hub: Which Food Delivery Service is Better

Door Dash vs Grub Hub

Who does not love to eat? Almost everyone loves to eat because good food is a basic necessity of life; you cannot survive without food. Yes, this statement is justified “everyone loves to eat,” but not everyone loves cooking because a lot of time and effort is required for cooking. In this hustle and bustle of life, when people have little time, it’s better to order food online by just sitting anywhere. In simple terms, the food delivery app is a magic wand for people who love to eat because you just need to click a button, and Tada is ready at your doorstep. During the covid times, food delivery app gained much more popularity than before as nobody liked to step out of the house or go to restaurants. Read more Door Dash vs Grub Hub: Which Food Delivery Service is Better.

Why has the food delivery app gained so much popularity?– Door Dash vs Grub Hub

  • you can eat from your favorite restaurant without stepping out
  • It’s cheaper and time-saving
  • Easier to order
  • Hygienic and safe 
  • Varieties are available

The Best food delivery app at present that will justify your food cravings.

Well, you will find a bunch of food delivery apps at present that has gained widespread popularity, but the best amongst them is Door dash and Grub hub; let us now justify which of the two is better. 

Door Dash or Grub hub?

About Door Dash – Door Dash is well known and most popular food delivery company in San Francisco, USA (Grub hub is better and has more widespread reach), Serving food all over the USA, Canada, and Australia. Door Dash lets you order all kinds of food, drinks, and even grocery. It lets you schedule your order an hour before. There are a number of features available in the app itself, like the yum score for reviews and rating, dash pass, which reduces your delivery charges, and an Instruction box to specify your location. You can track, schedule your order and can search from a number of restaurants. Door dash has its own delivery partner and delivery charges are a little higher (Grub hub is cheaper) 

How to use Door Dash? 

You need to download it on your smartphone or iOS from Apple or Google play store, create an account using basic details like name, email id, phone number, address or you can sign up with Facebook or Google account. After signing up you can easily search restaurants from your nearby location. You can add your order to your cart. You can view your cart and see the delivery fees and charges based on location. Once everything is done, you can go to the payment section where you can pay from Google pay or apple pay, there is also a credit and debit card option available. Once payment is done, it will land you on the checkout page to see everything is correct. Then you can place your order, you can check where is your order through the live tracking option. The dasher can also contact you for any delivery-related queries.


  • You can schedule your order
  • Many features available in the app 
  • Serving all kinds of food, drinks and grocery items 
  • Easier to use 
  • Offers and subscriptions 


  • Customer service is a bit slower
  • Expensive because of high delivery charges and tips
  • Limited restaurants 
  • Incomplete food delivery or making mistakes 

About Grub hub– Grub hub which has a far extensive reach than Door Dash is also a food delivering app with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Delivering all over the UK, London, and the US. Grub hub provides the fastest delivery as compared to Door Dash and is cheaper with no extra delivery charges. It also has a minimum order value which is not there in Door Dash. More options are available for you to browse multiple restaurants, as compared to Door Dash. You can track your order, provide delivery details in the instruction box for contactless delivery, also there are features like Grub hub+ which reduces your delivery charges if you subscribe similar to Dash pass, multiple payment options are there as compared to Door Dash, also you Can search for restaurants without signing in first. 

How to use Grub hub? 

First, you need to download the app from Apple or Google play store on your smartphone or iOS. Enter your basic details like name, password, email id, address, and then create an account. Using the search option, browse multiple restaurants and add food to your cart. Once ready, go to check out and check all the details you entered; go to the payment section. You can use multiple payment options like PayPal, google pay, apple pay, Venmo, e-gift, credit, or debit card. You can also pay through cash. Once an order is placed, you can always track it. The delivery boy will contact you once an order is received. 


  • Multiple payment options 
  • delivering all areas
  • more restaurants to browse
  • fewer delivery charges, cheaper with perks and benefits in case of late delivery 


  • delivery charges are low but customer complaints about the price of food
  • no option in the app to make changes or specification 


Although both the apps are equally best for ordering food, if compare Door dash and Grub hub, then Grub hub will always stand out because of its low delivery charges, fast delivery, a wide range of restaurant availability, 24×7 customer support, hassle-free, and multiple payment options. So, Grub hub is an all-rounder. 

Frequently asked questions 

Which of the two apps are better in terms of rating and reviews? 

Grub hub have users and high rating reviews as Compared to Door dash 

Door dash has 4.3 ratings, whereas Grub hub has 4.8 ratings. 

Which of the two have better customer support?

Grub hub provides better customer support as compared to Door dash; Grub hub provides 24×7 customer support while Door dash customer support is a bit slower, and they make a lot of confusion sometimes with the delivery. Both have features like Grub hub+ and Dash pass to reduce delivery costs.

Which of the two is cheaper? 

Grub hub doesn’t take the delivery fee and has minimum order value; on the other hand, Door Dash charges extra for delivery, and there is no minimum order value. So, the Grub hub is cheaper as compared to Door dash.

Which of the two have more restaurant options? 

Grub hub serves all areas and a wide range of restaurants as compared to Door Dash. So, you have better options available with Grub hub. 

Which of the two is easier to use?

Grub hub is way better than Door Dash because without signing in to the app, you can browse a number of restaurants and check their availability. You can also search through the official website itself.

Which of the two apps have better payment options? 

Grub hub has multiple payment options like e gift, Venmo, PayPal, google pay, apple pay, credit card, debit card, and cash on delivery and refund process is also very good with safe and hassle-free payment as compared to Door Dash, which has payment option like apple pay, Google pay, credit or debit card.

Which of the two provide fast delivery? 

Grub hub provides the fastest delivery. There are also perks and benefits in case of late delivery. Door Dash has its own delivery partner, but Grub hub hires its delivery partner. 

Door Dash vs Grub Hub: Which Food Delivery Service is Better

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