Social Expressions- To Encourage Somebody

Social Expressions

“Social” signifies having to do with people living respectively collectively in a circumstance where their dealings with each other influence their normal government assistance. Read more about Social Expressions.

It is identified with looking for or partaking in the friendship of others; amicable; agreeable; gregarious. of, identifying with, associated with, or fit to amenable or popular society: a get-together. living or arranged to live in friendship with others or locally, instead of in separation: People are social creatures.

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The expression may be understood as a look or pitch communicating individual response, feeling, it means that inclination, soul, character, and so forth, as on the face, in the voice, or creative execution, the way or structure wherein a thing is communicated in words, phrasing, expressing, etc.

Now that we have understood what these terms mean individually, let us understand the meaning of Social Expressions. Social Expressions include phrases that are usually used while interacting. They are such phrases that can be said to be used conventionally. Social articulations are jargon or (things that we say) that are utilized in friendly circumstances when you convey or converse with somebody. Let us see and discuss some of them.

Social Expressions to Encourage Somebody

This is something one might often use to motivate somebody or hear it when they need some motivation. Some of them are:

Never Give Up: People often say this to motivate everyone to keep going and believe in the process. Giving up is not an option. Try and try until you succeed. 

The sky’s the limit:  One must never underestimate themselves or put a limit on their thoughts and capabilities. Fly as high as you can and achieve wonders.

You are worth it: One may feel insecure about things and feel they do not deserve it, etc. But everybody deserves to have the best and they are worth it.

It’s Worth a Shot!: Many people may not try different things or have different experiences, but you never know what might turn out to be a great experience or a great lesson maybe? Not something bad though. A great lesson would also give a great story to share. Therefore, everything and everyone is worth giving a shot!

Believe in yourself: There are times when we think that we cannot do it, but again, try! Believe in yourself and give your best. You can do it.

Social Expressions to End a Conversation.

Having a good conversation but needing to end it and go requires a good way to end it too. These are some phrases that are usually used to put an end to conversations.

  • Sorry, I have got to go:  This is usually used when someone has to leave due to other engagements
  • Well, I will not keep you any longer: This is also used when someone has stopped to talk to you or stopped their work to carry a conversation. 
  • It’s been good talking to you or it’s been a pleasure talking to you:  This is the best and most used phrase for ending a conversation. Acknowledging how good it was to talk to someone is a great way to bid farewell.
  • Let us meet again soon, bye for now: You may have to leave due to other work. This can be a good way to take leave.
  •  Let us get together soon. Take care. : A very good way of ending a conversation, using the words “together” and “soon” makes it sound a lot better. Another reason is the concern expressed for the other person which makes it a good way to take leave.

Social Expressions to say “I Like It”

As there are many different things that one may like, there are also many different ways to express that you like it! Let us see what they can be.

  • I’ve grown to like it:  It is usually used when you start liking a particular thing, person, or any activity, etc, with time. 
  • I am passionate about it. : This is used when someone likes a particular thing and might be obsessed with it.
  • I am mad about it: This expression is also used when someone likes something or someone enthusiastically.
  • I fancy it: This is also a cool way to express your interest in something.
  • I am addicted to it: One may express how much they like something by expressing their addiction towards it. For example, I am addicted to coffee. 
  • It sounds great:  This is usually said when you find the idea of any plan really interesting. For example, camping on the weekend? Sounds great!
  • I am really into it: People may also express their interest and obsession towards the things they like by saying that they are really into it.

Social Expressions to wish”Good Luck” to somebody

Everybody has special moments in their lives where they hope everything goes smoothly, without any hurdles. Wishing them good luck can give them some comfort.

There are many phrases used for the same, such as:

  • Godspeed: Godspeed, signifying “a prosperous excursion,” comes from the  English expression “Godspeed you” (“God flourish you”). It was initially used to wish accomplishment to somebody, such as saying, “May you flourish.” These days it’s more normally used to communicate and expects a protected excursion.
  • Best Wishes/ Best of Luck/ All the best: A social expression of expectation for somebody’s future satisfaction or well-being.
  • May the Force be with you: “May the Force be with you” was an expression used to wish an individual or gathering the best of luck or kindness, one that communicated the speaker’s desire that the Force work in the blessing of the recipient. The expression was regularly utilized as people headed out in different directions or even with a looming challenge.

Fingers Crossed: To cross one’s fingers is a hand signal regularly used to want karma. Sometimes it is deciphered as an endeavor to entreat God for assurance. The motion is alluded to by the typical statements “cross your fingers”, “keep your fingers crossed”, or just “fingers crossed”.

Hope things will work out all right: An expression of solace amid stress or vulnerability. This is to guarantee the other individual that the circumstance will arrive at a palatable resolution.

Social Expressions used by us in our daily lives

  • Hit me up: It’s a solicitation for social greeting, regularly presented online to declare that you’re searching for something to do and to urge others to contact you.
  • Catch up:  It is an expression used to meet soon again and get to know about all the past happenings that have not been shared yet. To refresh each other on life occasions that happened since the last time seeing one another.
  • Not in my books:  This is used to know that we do not agree with a particular thing or do not believe it. Not as indicated by one’s viewpoint, convictions, or qualities.
  • Play it by ear: This is usually used to express that we are going with the flow. To conclude the proper behavior in or manage a specific circumstance in a versatile, adaptable, or ad-libbed way, in light of the conditions. Can also be used as a reference to playing a melody without referring to printed music or a recording.
  • Sleep on it: This is a phrase usually used to let the other person know that we need time to think over a specific matter and saying that “I will sleep on it” means that he/she will be making the decision by the next day.
  • Beats me:  This is a phrase to express that the person has no clue about the topic or that they do not know or understand whatever it is.
  • Give me a break: This is something we all know and might have used in our daily lives. This articulately expresses that we need space, are over it, or need some time alone. It simply means not to bother anymore.

You can improve your communication skills by keeping in mind the following points; listening, conciseness, body language, confidence, open-mindedness, respect, and usage of correct medium.


Hopefully, you must have understood the beauty of these phrases and how they make conversations good. Social expressions are a great way to enhance your communication skills that are much needed for us to stand differently. Powerful correspondence is a fundamental device in keeping up with solid, enduring working connections at all levels of an association. This is especially obvious while working distantly and exploring unsure occasions. Bosses that put resources into conveying clear lines of correspondence will quickly construct trust among representatives, prompting expansions in usefulness, yield, and assurance overall.

Having the option to impart viably is perhaps the main fundamental ability to learn. Correspondence is characterized as moving data to deliver a more noteworthy arrangement. Having solid relational abilities helps with all parts of life – from proficient life to individual life and all that falls in the middle. Great relational abilities are fundamental to permit others and yourself to comprehend data all the more precisely and rapidly. Conversely, helpless relational abilities lead to visit false impressions and dissatisfaction.

Social Expressions- To Encourage Somebody

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