How much Weight can Command Hooks Support?

How much Weight can Command Hooks Support?

What’s best other than command hooks to hang pictures and other home decors, important household items like towels, clothes, pictures, etc. One can buy command hooks and even install them, but they come in a variety of sizes, so it becomes difficult to choose perfect command hooks according to the individual’s needs. Read more How much Weight can Command Hooks Support?

Every command hook is specific to carry a certain weight. If we try to load extra weight on them, then they’ll not be able to handle the weight. For instance, large strips can carry a weight of up to 16 pounds. Same way smaller strips can lift weights up to 4 pounds.

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This article can be a guide for choosing suitable command hooks, according to the weight of the object that one wants to hang on them.

Command hooks

These hooks come in a range of variety, ensuring every person can use them according to their needs. Command hooks get attached to every surface, be it wood, tile, or any other. Command adhesive, command decorative hooks, and command refill strips are some additional things that help in sticking the command hooks easily.

One can stick command hooks easily by following the instructions. Command hooks are reusable. These command hooks are made of plastic and alloys like bronze.

Weight holding capacity of different command hooks and stripes.

You might be wondering which size of command hook to buy so that you can hang those decorative items on it. So here’s a table showing the weight capacity of different command hooks.

S.noCommand hookWeight carrying capacity
1Command mini hooks225 gms
2Command utensil hooks225 gms
3Command small hooks450 grams
4Command medium hooks900 gms
5Command medium crystal hooks900 gms
6Command large hooks1.8 kg
7Command Wet & dry towel hooks2.2 kg
8Command medium wet & dry towel hooks1.3 kg
9Command jumbo hooks3.3 kg

One might also like to know about the weight carrying capacity of different picture hanging command strips.

S.noCommand stripsWeight carrying capacity
1Command large picture hanging strips7.2 kg
2Command medium picture strips5.4 kg
3Command small picture strips1.8 kg
4Command Easel Clack picture hanging strips2.2 kg
5Command posters stripsFor lightweight items

How to stick command hooks on the wall?

It’s easy to stick command hooks to the wall effortlessly. Although the packet contains instructions to stick command hooks, one can also stick the command hooks following these steps.

  • Clean the surface (where you want to apply the hook) with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Using other wipes or sprays may leave residues and will cause problems with sticking the strip.
  • Remove the liner from the strip. After they get dry apply the strip and hold it for 30 seconds.
  • Remove the back liner from the hook and stick it over the strip and press it for 30 seconds.
  • It’s complete but wait for 1 hour before hanging things on it.

How to remove the command hooks?

Removing command hooks is as easy as applying or sticking them to the wall. Follow the steps mentioned below to remove the hook without leaving any stains and residues.

  • Hold the hook with one hand and stretch the strip.
  • Stretch the strip straight in the downward direction.
  • If you pull the strip away from the wall in your direction, then it’ll get broken, creating further difficulty in removing the hook.
  • Stretch the strip at least 12-15 inches downwards.
  • While removing the strip, if it gets broken, then do not worry and use dental floss to remove the residue, it’ll leave no stain on the wall.

The use of command hooks and strips

Command hooks and stripes are useful for every household. One can stick it on walls and hang anything (according to the weight-holding capacity of the hook) on it. One can use command hooks for closets, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, dorm room, etc.

Picture strips can be used to stick pictures on the wall and spring strips help stick receipts and photos on it or stick it on the fridge etc.

The picture-holding strips are perfect for decorative purposes, one can easily stick and remove them too.

Students living in dorms or people who shift their homes repeatedly can use these small hooks to manage their home essentials and other things.

Other command adhesives

There are various other command adhesives to help with sticking other extremely lightweight things or with sticking strips and hooks on the wall or are made for specific places. Some of these adhesives are command adjustable repositionable clips, command spray bottle hanger, command decorative clip valves, command small wire hooks, command mop gripper, etc.

Many other command adhesives suit almost everybody’s needs. One can visit their website and find perfect hooks and clips for their requirements.


Command hooks and strips easily solve the homeware and other item management problems of many people. It becomes difficult to find out the right type of hook or stripe that can hold the desired item, but for that, the weight holding capacity is given on the packet. Many people choose to use command hooks and strips because they are reusable and everlasting unless one breaks them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: What do I do if the strip breaks while removing it?

You can use dental floss to remove the broken strip from the wall.

Q.2: Can I use a house cleaner instead of alcohol to clean the wall?

No, using household cleaners will leave residues after applying them, hence creating problems in sticking strips and hooks.

Q.3: I want to hang a 7.2-kg picture on the wall, which strip should I use?

The command large picture hanging strip can hold 7.2-kg weight so you can use it.

Q.4: Where can I buy the command products?

Command products are available in many retail stores as well as online shopping sites.

Q.5: How long should I wait before hanging items on command hooks?

They suggest waiting for 1 hour before hanging anything so that a strong adhesion is built between the wall and the hook.

How much Weight can Command Hooks Support?

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