Aldi Hours- Products at Aldi

Aldi Hours

Aldi is a supermarket chain brand, founded by two German families that is now successfully functioning in 20 different countries like Belgium, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, etc. Fun fact, Aldi has more than 800 stores in Great Britain itself and in the United States, there are more than 1900 stores and they plan to increase the number to 2500. Read more Aldi Hours.

Aldi has a lot to offer in its supermarket stores, for example, electronics, appliances, toys, clothing, gifts, food, and dairy items, etc. They also sell alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine.

Aldi in-store shopping hours

Typically, Aldi stores get opened at 8:30 in the morning and are closed around 9 PM. In some places, it might range from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. They are usually open for at least 12 hours no one can assume that the store is open from 9 AM to 8 PM though it might open and close an hour early or late respectively. 

To know at what time the nearest store to your place is opened, you can use the store locator. All you need to do is enter the state, city, or pin code and hit the search button. You may even add filters according to your choice. For example, you need to locate a store that has wine, check the wine checkbox, and then search. The store locator will provide you with the list of stores opened near you and have wine available.

Aldi stores are closed on holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter Sunday, and New Year’s Day.

Using the store locator one can figure out how many stores are there in a particular city and what is the timing for each of the stores. For example, it is evident that currently there are more than 50 stores in Atlanta. The store there at Peachtree Corners currently has the store timing 9 AM  to 8 PM. The one is Decatur Village Way, Decatur has the timing 9 AM to 8 AM. The store at Please Hill Road, Duluth has different timings for different days, 8:30 AM to 8 PM on Tuesdays, 9 AM to 8 PM on Wednesdays, 8:30 AM to 8 PM on Thursdays, and then 9 AM to 8 PM from Friday to Monday. 

Therefore there may be a difference in the store timings according to the store locations and the weekdays as well. That is why for a safer side it is advised to check if the store is opened through the store locator.

Timings for the workers at Aldi

Although the stores do not open before 8 AM, Aldi staff is required to be there at 5 AM. The workers coming at 5 in the morning may leave around 1 PM and then the second shift workers stay until the closing of the store. The work timings can be extended and the work may be hectic on some days due to the crowd. But the staff manages it all together.

Products at Aldi

Apart from groceries and electronic appliances, Aldi has a lot to offer. It provides household essentials like laundry supplies (Detergent, fabric softener, etc), cleaning supplies (Paper towels, diapers), etc, personal care products for skin and hair (like shampoo, conditioners, bathing gels, moisturizer, etc) not only this, they also avail pet essentials and baby essentials. A very special thing they offer is the candles that they have. They bring different candles with heartwarming aromas according to the seasons of festivals. This is something fascinating about the Aldi stores. 

Apart from the products, they also provide pickup and delivery services for groceries to make your work lesser. Their website provides all the information about the products and services they have to offer. Not only this, but they also offer weekly specials which consist of Aldi weekly find, a special collection of products with great deals. The website of Aldi Supermarket also provides a section with various recipes and they are categorized under breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, drinks, desserts, etc. So not only you may find the ingredients here, but the recipe for your meals too!


Aldi Supermarket aims to provide the best quality of products and services to its customers with a pocket-friendly price range. The core values on which they function are to be consistent, simple, and responsible. These are the key points on which they base their work. They aspire to be efficient in their work. They have a unique selling point of having a “Special Buys” twice a that arrives twice a week that provides random picks and has good selling power. Having its own products with its own private brand is the greatest strength of Aldi supermarkets as this way they provide cheaper rates than the others which makes them a preference over the other. It aims to create simplicity and efficiency and successfully fulfills the aim too.

Aldi Hours- Products at Aldi

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