Does USPS Take Apple Pay?

Does USPS Take Apple Pay?

United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service often abbreviated as USPS is a postal agency that provides postal services across the United States. It is a government agency that employs 633,000 workers in its workforce. USPS provides customers with postal services through 34,000 retail locations across the United States. Read more about Does USPS Take Apple Pay. USPS is one of the largest employers in the United States and also possesses the largest computer networks in the world. The primary goals which the United States postal service strives to achieve are mentioned below – 

  •  USPS aims to deliver its customers a world-class and hassle-free experience. 
  • USPS strives to empower its workforce and make sure that the workers are equipped with the requisite skills so that proper customer service can be achieved.
  • USPS facilitates innovative practices to ensure that the services provided to the customers are error-free and customers gain value from their experience with USPS.
  • The postal service giant invests in its future platforms to make the organization ready for future challenges.
  • USPS ensures that all the regulatory and legislative laws are followed by the organization.

This article provides information about the acceptance of Apple pay as the mode of payment by USPS.

Apple Pay

The mobile payment and digital wallet application introduced by Apple in October 2014 is known as Apple pay. The application is available across all the Apple devices running on iPhone operating systems(IOS). Apple pay allows users to make cashless payments. The primary features offered by Apple pay are discussed as follows – 

  • The Apple pay application can be downloaded by the users to their iPhone, IPad or Apple watch. The wallet application allows the users to store up to 12 cards on their device which can be used to make payments to the vendors for purchasing products and services.
  • The Apple pay application provides users with a secure way to make their payments. The application employs second-factor authentication to make the payments more secure and reliable. 
  • The mechanism of the Apple pay application supports the privacy of the user as the application does not share the user’s card details with the merchant to whom the payment is made by the user.
  • In case any user loses his or her device, the Apple pay account can be disabled through the find my phone feature in such turn of events.

Payment  modes accepted by USPS

The United States postal service tends to accept several methods of payments from the customers who avail themselves of the postal services provided by USPS. The payment means accepted by USPS include popular credit cards such as – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, JCB, and China union pay. The United States postal service does not accept payment methods such as gift cards, Precanceled stamps, commercial mailings, and money orders. 

As of the year 2021, The United States postal service does not accept Apple pay as means of payment. Customers are given the choice to select the payment methods accepted by USPS. Customers generally make payment for the availed postal services through cash or credit cards accepted by USPS.


The wide variety of payment modes accepted by the United States Postal Service helps the customers to make easy and seamless payments while availing themselves of the postal services provided by USPS. The postal service organization currently does not accept Apple pay. However, the acceptance of Apple Pay as the payment method in the future by USPS will help the users possessing Apple devices to make easy transactions in return for the postal services. 

Frequently asked questions

Question 1. How has technology affected the payments made by customers?

Answer 1. The rapid technological advancements have contributed to the emergence of a multitude of mobile payment applications. These applications can be used by the customers to make cashless payments to the vendors after buying products or services. By using mobile applications to make payments customers’ need to carry cash has significantly decreased.

Question 2. What are the various benefits of using Digital payment applications?

Answer 2. The emergence of digital payment applications has helped users to reap several benefits. Some of these benefits are mentioned below-

  • The use of digital payment applications on mobile devices means the need to carry cash has significantly reduced. So individuals can carry less cash which relieves them of the worries related to carrying excess cash.
  • The payments made through the digital payment applications are recorded in the transaction history of the mobile application. So tracking and controlling expenses becomes much easier than cash transactions.
  • Certain digital payment applications provide the users with special and attractive discounts when they make payments to specific vendors after purchasing their products or services.
  • In the present scenario, the covid-19 pandemic has affected people all over the world. The digital payment applications facilitate cashless and contactless payments. So both the payer and the payee are secure.
Does USPS Take Apple Pay?

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