Does Kroger Do Cashback?

Does Kroger Do Cashback

Kroger is the first largest supermarket by revenue and the second-largest retailer in the United States. Kroger serves as one of the most uplifting platforms for consumers to buy several products ranging across groceries, beauty products, meat, dairy, fresh produce, and so much more. It allows all the customers to purchase goods at low prices and high quality, serving them with superior quality of the purchase and flexibility to shop by being budget-conscious. Read more Does Kroger Do Cashback.

Being a customer-oriented retailer Kroger understands the needs of the customers and ensures to provide them with exciting Cash backs that help the consumers have a great shopping experience. They provide cashback worth $20 to $300 on several checkout and payment methods.

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Let us know more about the Kroger cash-back policies in the further sections. 

Does Kroger do Cash Back?

Yes, Kroger does have Cash Back policies that can be availed by the consumers at different Kroger stores. The cashback differs according to the mode of payment used at the checkout, and the amount of the cashback also differs by a significant amount. Any Kroger customer is eligible to get a cashback of up to $300 on purchases. 

All the Cash Back offers presented by the state can differ based on store location and the eligible payment methods. Ensure to confirm all the Cash Back offers from the local Kroger Store to enjoy all the deals. 

What are the Cashback offers and rewards?

Cash Back offers to allow the customers to earn money on all the purchases they carry out in Kroger Store. The Cash Back is eligible for all the qualifying products mentioned by the store. Customers can add Cash Back on their purchase cards and avail the services at the checkout. 

As mentioned, different payment methods are eligible for different Cashback offers, let us understand the cashback offers on different cards.

  • Debit cards

Kroger offers the highest discounts on Debit cards. All the customers can avail of up to $300 discount rates on the purchase of all the products. One thing to keep in mind here is, Kroger charges the debit card with a minimal fee according to the discounts offered.  

Consumers will be charged a fee of $0.50 on a $100 cashback, and the fee rises to about $3.50 for all the cashback between $100 to $300.

  • Credit card

Kroger does not provide any discounts on credit cards, but as a Discover Credit cardholder, you enjoy the benefit of up to $120 cashback. The cashback is eligible for every 24 hours and customers can enjoy purchasing the desired goods.  

  • Check

If you make payment using personal checks, you will be eligible to avail yourself of cashback of about $20. This is the lowest among all the payment methods, but will surely save up some money for the next big purchase. Any additional fee is not applicable in the case of check cashback. 

  • EBT cards

EBT cardholders can receive cashback between $50 to $100. The cashback is only applicable if the EBT card holds a sufficient amount of money for transactions under different programs.  

How does the cashback work?

Cashback at Kroger works at an instant speed and customers can choose the amount they want to add to their Shoppers card. The amount that can be deposited on the card starts from $99.99 per day and customers can withdraw the amount instantly for shopping. All the Cashback rewards are accumulated in the card and you can redeem the cashback in a single or multiple shopping trips. 

One thing to note here is, Kroger does not allow customers to redeem more than $99.99 cashback on a single purchase. Also, to be able to enjoy cashback you need to hold a shoppers card on which you can credit the amount of the cashback. 

When is a Cashback offer not eligible?

Kroger does not offer Cashbacks on all the products in the store. Rather they have certain qualified products that can be purchased under the cashback rewards and offers policy. 

The items that are not eligible for cashback are:

  • Managers special products, and sales products. 
  • Cashback will not be eligible for products whose value is less than the cashback itself. 
  • Cashbacks Cam also not be redeemed for offer products. 
  • Other items that cannot be purchased through cash backs are as follows:
    • Fuel
    • Gift cards
    • Alcohol
    • Pharmaceutical products
    • Tobacco products
    • Lottery
    • Money services and fees


Kroger offers several cashback offers to its customers. The maximum amount of cashback consumers can get for their purchase is $300 on debit card purchases. Apart from that, consumers can also avail several cashback on different payment methods. cashback

To redeem the cashback offers customers need to know what products are eligible for the redemption and which are not. A few products are mentioned in the list and you can find a few more through local stores. 

Does Kroger Do Cashback?

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