Kohl Return Policy No Tags: Here are the Few Tips and Tricks

Kohl’s has been known worldwide for selling a wide range of clothing, swimwear, sunglasses, home products, and shoe wear at affordable prices. Let us know more about “Kohl Return Policy No Tags”.

Kohl Return Policy No Tags: Here are the Few Tips and Tricks

However, with great products comes greater questions and one of the main frequently asked questions is can you return the products with no tag? Well, it depends.

Returning Policy Of Kohl’s: 

As of 2022, Kohl’s has come up with an upgraded policy for returning/ exchanges of its products. It does accept the returns of clothes both in and out of stores via store credits if you for some reason don’t have the original receipts with you.

Does Kohl’s Exchange The Clothing Without the Receipts/ With No Tags?

As it has been mentioned earlier, Kohl’s does exchange the clothes without the receipts/ with no tags but the clothes being intact/ without damage even if you somehow lost the original receipt, but, you will still need to show the order history of the purchased items (clothing, shoes, toys, etc) 

Not only that, the customers must keep in mind that they will also be needed to have their government-issued Id for a hassle-free refund. 

Note: Kohl’s may always not be able to exchange the purchased items in case they are unable to track the original item. So, that’s not always the case where you will always be guaranteed to get the exchange or refund.

Does Kohl’s Return The Purchased Items With No tags? 

 If you have lost the tags of purchased items then you will still have the chance to get your return. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to send an order invoice via mail to help verify the order history.

 However, Kohl’s only grants the return for physically bought purchases (shoes, toys, clothes, etc) by visiting the nearby Kohl’s store via the store card. The same applies to the online bought items which can be done on Kohl’s official website. 

Does Kohl’s Charge Any Money For Returning The Purchased Products With No Tags?

 Nope, they don’t charge any money. Fortunately, like many stores, they, too do have a policy of “Customers Come First.” You will only need to return the purchased item via mail if purchased online or walk-in stores if purchased physically. However, they might or might not return the delivery price. 

Steps to Return The Purchased Clothes: 

1. Log into your account.

2. Print the Order Invoice and the Return Form.

3. Fill in the necessary details as asked and securely place the ordered item with an Invoice in a bag and seal it shut.

4. Return it to the delivery person or ship the package to the address that has been mentioned in the Return Form.

Does Kohl’s Accept the Worn Clothes With No Tags?

Kohl’s does accept clothes within 180 days only, even the worn clothes without tags as well. Not only Kohl’s, but many high-end brands do also have this policy like Nike, Wrangler, etc.

Does Kohl’s Accept the Returns of The Clothes With No Tags After 180 Days?

Kohl’s strictly abides by its policy. So, unfortunately, you won’t be getting any returns with or with no tags if you fail to return the clothes within 180 days of purchasing them. 

So, always keep in mind to return the purchased item within a month or so if you want a successful refund or return. 

Can a Customer Expect A Cash Back With No tags? 

The customer only gets a cash refund on a purchase in the form of Kohl’s Cash Credits. The same goes for all of the purchased clothes.

 Note: the cash can only be used within 30 days after getting the Kohl’s Cash refund. Also, keep in mind that if the customer has used any kind of payment other than Kohl’s Cash or Card, then the customer will get the refund in the form of store credit only. 

Does Kohl’s Have A Different Holiday Return Policy than Its Regular Return Policy? 

The Holiday Return Policy for the Holiday season has a limited period of days. If you have purchased the clothes anywhere between November 1st to December 25th, the number of days would be limited to return the clothes before the 1st of January.

But, in this, you have to have original packaging with a valid receipt or the details of your account ready to give to the cashier for the purchase history purpose. If you failed to do any of the mentioned above steps then Kohl’s will not return or refund or exchange any clothing items.


According to Kohl’s policy, it only allows a standard time of 180 days to return or exchange any of the bought clothes. If you happen to lose the tags, it doesn’t matter you can simply get a refund or return, even the worn clothes can get exchanged or returned.

Furthermore, you can also return the purchased clothes without the receipts. However, you will only receive the refund in Kohl’s Credit. The Holiday Season has a little bit stricter policy as the bought clothes mustn’t be worn and must have tags for a successful return. 

Kohl Return Policy No Tags: Here are the Few Tips and Tricks

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