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Jardinière Brings Mexican Cuisine into their French Kitchen For A New Food Series

French restaurant Jardinière is paying tribute to Mexican cuisine with a new food series. On the second Monday of each month, Jardinière will take diners on a culinary journey through the “land of enchantment” with Noches en Mexico. Sous Chefs Christinne Marmolejo and Carlos Trujillo draw from Mexican traditions and personal connections to create this […]

Starting Your Spring Break Travel Journey

The key to having the best spring break vacation is to plan. And planning requires gathering useful information and checking out all the possible outcomes of every decision. Let us known ‘Starting Your Spring Break Travel Journey’. Spring break travel hacks Starting Your Spring Break Travel Journey is one of the busier times of the […]

Do All Grocery Stores Accept EBT?

EBT is a debit card that uses a benefit account to source funds. In the United States, the Food Stamp system now distributes the food purchase benefit credit via an “EBT” card. When you see “EBT accepted” in a store that sells food, this is the one being referred to. Sellers that accept an EBT […]

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