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Does Sully Die In Dr. Quinn?

The world has come a long way when it comes to fostering equality between men and women. Today’s topic- Does Sully Die In Dr.Quinn? Nowadays, when students comb their history textbooks and learn that a woman could not work in the past, the concept seems absurd. Some cultures across the world still believe that a […]

What are the Anime Personality Types?

Light Yagami, Guts, Eren Yeager. These are characters from anime shows. Anime is a Japanese-invented, animated art form enjoyed by audiences worldwide. Known for its astounding art and meaningful storyline, anime has indefinitely impacted the world in a way that is interesting. For this article, we’re going to be looking at the anime personality types […]

What are the Depression Drawings?

Drawing resides at the core or essence of a means of expressing oneself. As an instrument of expression, sketching or painting is an innovative way of communicating a painter or creator’s sentiments and concepts dealing with emotions. An image may be an outline, a blueprint, a layout, or a visual image produced with styles, strokes, […]

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