Vegetables that start with the letter M- Their descriptions

Amazing vegetables that start with the letter ‘M’; MALABAR SPINACH, MANGETOUT, MIZUNA, MINER’S LETTUCE, MOLOKHIA, MOTH BEANS, MUSTARD The food we eat every day contains vitamins, nutrients, fibers, and plant chemicals as sources of all the important products. Any diet we have is not healthy for our bodies nowadays. From time to time, the origins […]

8 Incredible Fruits that Start with L- And Their Health Benefits

8 Incredible Fruits that Start with L and Their Health Benefits; Lakoocha, Langsat, Lapsi, Lime berries, Limequats, Longan fruits, Loquats How many fruits do you know that start with the letter L? Well, I’m sure that most of us are familiar with lemons and limes as they are quite common and readily available. However, many […]

Fruits that start with J- Their descriptions

FRUITS THAT START WITH J: Jaboticaba, Jackfruit, Jam-berry, Jujube fruit, Jostaberry fruit, Jambul, Jatoba fruit and the Japanese persimmon. There are fruits with names that start with J found in many parts of the world. They comprise berries, cherries, cones, and pods. Other fruits starting with j include the delicious jaboticaba, jackfruit, jamberry, jambul, and […]

Vegetables That Starts With C- Their descriptions

Vegetables That Starts With “C”; Cauliflower, Carrots, Cabbage, Cassava, Camassia, Cucamelon, Cucumber, Celery, Cress, Catsear, Corn Salad and more What are Vegetables? When people hear the word “Vegetables,” they automatically think of bitter green leaf-like food that their mothers force them to eat because it’s supposedly good for their health, but what exactly are vegetables? […]

Sports which Start with U- Their descriptions

Sports which Start with U; Ultimate, Underwater football, Underwater hockey, Ultramarathon, Unicycle racing, Ultralight Aviation, Ulama There are a total of 49 sports in the Olympics, including both Summers as well as the Winter Olympics. And out of this number, there is an observation that only people with way too much free time could make, […]

Vegetables That Start With W- Their descriptions

Vegetables That Start With W: Walking onions, Wasabi, Water Caltrop, Water Chestnut, Water Spinach, Watercress, Wax beans, Welsh onions, and more Are you having a themed party and want to have vegetables as your main dishes? The vegetables should start with the letter W. It seems hard to look for vegetables that start with the […]

What are the sports that start with d?- Their descriptions

What are the sports that start with d? Diving(Scuba diving), Darts(gaining points by sticking), Dodge ball(match for the squad). We play so many sports that we even forget about some authentic ones we should try someday. Have your ever tried Scuba diving? Or are you into the Darts game? Most of us might have played […]

Fruits that Start with D- Their descriptions

Fruits that Start with D: Dragon fruits, Dates, Durian, Dewberry contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients the body requires. Our body system requires the best nutrient they need to keep it working. However, insufficient nutrients to the body can lead to different issues. For some, dietary supplements provide essential nutrients to furnish your body.  Nevertheless, […]

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