Life Beyond Pale—As Told By Vincent Guan

We’re privileged to live in such a place as the Bay Area. The different stories one shares amongst each other and this story is no different. We sat down with Vincent Guan, a native San Franciscan, who recants his life from age 5 until now on being full-blooded Chinese, Albino, and the growings of growing […]

The BAM! Box Review: All About the ...
The BAM! Box Review: All About the Subscription Box Service

Cal Academy of Sciences to Celebrate Albino Crocodile Claude’s 21st Birthday

Julia Jane Moore, then raise a glass with special Claude-themed cocktails at bars around the museum. You never know, you may see Claude belly up to a bar too! At the Project Lab, learn about Claude’s other reptilian relatives with UC Berkeley’s Museum of Paleontology. Then, talk with Cal Academy’s own researcher Kelly Markello about […]

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