Shop Talk: Le Point In The Mission is a Girl’s New Best Friend

Le Point started my adventure into and also is the first shop you’ll stop at when you hit Valencia street. With its spacious and airy aesthetic before you, It’s almost the perfect little shop that eases you into what’s to come in the Mission. Going through merchandise was a breeze compared to fighting and digging […]

Jenny Sharaf Gets Experimental with Freda Salvador

Freda Salvador; A chic little boutique sitting on Fillmore street it boasts an amazing collection of unique and quirky shoes. Definitely a place to mentally bookmark for the people who love shopping San Francisco boutiques. Any style maven knows that this Sausalito-based footwear brand is a definite must-have. For those who haven’t discovered Jenny Sharaf […]

No Touching Art Show Encourages Viewers to Indeed Touch

On Friday nights I typically do one of two things, I either somehow get my life together and go out or sit at home alone and Netflix binge-watch. Comically through Facebook I found a way to be a social Netflix watching couch potato. How you ask? By going to an art gallery show based around […]

Bold Colors & Shapes: Academy Of Art University Fashion Show 2016 Inspired By Tenderloin Musings

Finally, the collection that made me sit in awe was Brandon Kee, nothing drives interest and inspiration in me than seeing hybrids. With Kee’s collection, he somehow blended 90s hip hop street style with Chinese accents to create a collection that almost anyone would wear and love. Hip Hop culture has been on the rise […]

Introducing the W Bomber Jacket: 2-in-1 Bomber Jackets by WHICHKIM

We’re incredibly lucky to live in an era where the gender line is being blurred. What’s even more amazing is that brands aren’t afraid anymore to make it clear they are striving to be unisex like WHICHKIM. I remember the days when you were practically pressured to be a frilly loving pastel pink girl and […]

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