Is the Wanelo App Safe?

Is this app legit? Is Wanelo shutting down? Are products bought from Wanelo good and not fake? Okay, okay! You may have several questions regarding Wanelo’s legitimacy, hold on before coming directly to this answer, and let us talk about Wanelo. In this article, we will discuss Wanelo, its legitimacy, and this Wanelo App is […]

I Got My Laundry Laundered By An App-ish; My Honest Thoughts

And yes, I did feel extra bougee but it’s all in the name of science, no? In San Francisco, you’ve got the world—whether in beta, alpha, or whatever—at your fingertips. In my desperate attempt to not be productive, I turned to having my daily chores be handled by other people. Again, in the name of […]

What is VERO and Why Is Everyone Jumping On The Train?

While scrolling through the nation’s number one app, Instagram, I began to stumble upon updates that read, “follow me on Vero.” And to my question, what is Vero and why should I be downloading it? Essentially, the ad-free app lets users share photos, add links, and recommend books, movies and TV shows to friends. Everyone […]

Airbnb Enters The Restaurant Investor Game With Resy But Is It Needed?

Photo via Getty Images Dropping some serious coin on the next endeavor, Airbnb has become the leading investor in restaurant reservation app, Resy—it’s worth $13 million in funding, meaning that Airbnb is the lead investor in Resy’s current funding round. The aim for Airbnb is to become the leading app on all aspects lifestyle. From […]

Hooch Gives You All Insider’s Access To Great Cocktails… At A Price

Enter Hooch, a new SF-bar app that can get you 30 cocktails for $10 a month. The idea is simple: pay $10.00 a month and get 30 drinks at neighborhood bars all over the city. With, of course, tipping your bartender that’s about $45 for 30 cocktails. Oh hot damn, the deal is too good […]

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