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From The Shore: “Signal” on Display at Treasure Island

Upon the unveiling of our beautiful, new Bay Bridge in 2013—with its string lights and palm tree adornments – the skeleton of the old, decrepit bridge waited in the background. Comprised of tons upon tons of steel, the disassembling of the bridge inspired artists and designers from all over the state to step in and […]

Bay Area artist Tucker Nichols Releases Solo Exhibition ‘Patio Music’

A simplicity of color, Bay Area artist Tucker Nichols sets the mood with his solo Patio Music. Like snapshots from his life, Nichols expresses his painting to simulate “a vibrant storm of energy, while being somber and sweet.” As flowers serve as malleable messengers in Nichols’s paintings, they also provide the perfect amount of content for him […]

Things To Do: 4 Sample Sales, Collaborations, And Art Shows To See In SF

This weekend is filled with awesome brands selling their wares for unbeatable prices, a once in a lifetime art show, and a local designer spreading her wings. Yeah — It’s a great day to live in the Bay. Let’s get crackin’. Photo courtesy of Timbuk 2 Break Up With Your Bag And Bike Timbuk2, the […]

Quietness By Ignacio Umana Brings You To A Solitary State Of Mind

He decided to shoot the project with a large format camera with 4×5 color film, which tuned in with the overall concept of the project of slowing down to achieve an inner balance and quietness. Ignacio took only one photo every time he went to Ocean Beach, always from the exact same position – 37º45’31’’ […]

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