What’s Your BART Story? We Turned To Reddit

Having a personal funny story for parties is always needed—but when we read these BART related stories, we couldn’t help but share. Below are a few of our favorite BART stories curated from the SF Bay Area sub-reddit. Enjoy, laugh, or be disgusted. Or all three if you’re lucky. Coming back from SF on New […]

Piss Be Damned: BART and Muni Unveil Elevator Attendant Program

Of course, the photo is just a dramatization—but for serious, BART and Muni answer the age old question: why does it smell like piss in here? And for anyone who has to use a wheelchair full-time, you know the pain and struggles of going into an unkempt public transportation elevator, only to encounter fecal and […]

The Public Transportation Diet: Eliminating MUNI, BART, And Metro From My Life For A Week

New Years resolutions are all about taking new steps, different directions, and dieting aspects of our lives out. In the spirit of trying new things and getting ourselves out of our comfort zone, I (Anthony, EIC) for one week did a transportation diet. Where I eliminated public transportation in favor for Uber, Lyft, and Zipcar. […]

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