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Macho Man, Masculinity Redefined

“SUCK IT UP, BE A MAN.” Serious discussion on masculinity / adulthood and why it’s twisted. story by DUSTIN SORIANO, written by ANTHONY ROGERS. Macho Man Photography By – Dustin Soriano Model – Mike What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be open with yourself on every level of […]

How New York Validated Me

How New York Validated Me,I Own Me. As a “fresh out of college” art student, I believe we all go through the same questions and hypotheticals in our head. “Jobs, Money, Life, Home, Family.” It had come to a point where some nights I’d be up tossing and turning about the thought of finding a […]

A Fresh Cup Of Kaufee: Enter Joonbug

Joonbug. Bay Area Illustrator Lenworth McIntosh has become a San Francisco household favorite among local businesses. photographs by TOM KUBIK.. Being a Jamaican native to now a San Francisco favorite, Lenworth commonly known as Joonbug has been illustrating for the bays hottest and up-coming. Snowbird Coffee, Six Stitch Apparel, Dojo45 to name a few. While […]

What’s Everyone GAH!ing About? A Walk Around The Block with Lisa Says Gah

The classic San Francisco girl is someone who is effortless and doesn’t hide it. Throw on some make up, brush your hair once or twice, and grab an easily adaptable garment for the day ahead. For online retail destination, Lisa Says Gah, it’s the companies mission to provide you with everyday wear that can truly […]

Neighborhood Girlfriend

Neighborhood Girlfriend A look into the collection by Gisel Ko. How South Korea met the atmosphere of San Francisco. Stay warm. Being a CFDA nominee and a former design intern with Ryan Roche, Ko defined her aesthetic as a superior knitwear desiger with her most recent collection whiched debuted in May 2015. Ko spoke with […]

Squid Ink Pasta: A Food Story

photography MADELENE FARIN I have a background in painting and design, so when I’m shooting personal work I try to blend these disciplines with photography as much as possible. I’ve also always loved texture — material textures, food textures, and especially playing with textures in natural light. For this series, I wanted to experiment with […]

Sweater Weather

I believe in dressing for the occasion. There’s a time for sweater, sneakers and Levis and a time for the full-dress jazz. Ginger Rogers Sweater Weather Photography By – Ashley Tarr Fashion Editor – Emme Nguyen Assistant – Dustin Soriano Model – Sophia Branstrom We can finally, officially, happily, and gaily say, “SWEATA’ WEATHA’.” Seasonly, […]

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