bethany eden

A Powerful Force: Bethany Eden on Her Vision in ‘Cleanse’

Water—a force to be reckoned with, and lest not forget humanity’s lifeline. Despite water’s integral purpose of supporting life, however, the multi-dimensional element has also given way to inspiration, support and renewal for many. For Bay Area artist, Bethany Eden, water inspired her latest art series “Cleanse”. We sat down with Eden at Zukowski Collective, […]

Celebrating Woman And Relateable Beauty: Bethany Eden Mails You Instant Happiness With Her Handmade Postcards

<img data-orig-height="750" data-orig-width="500" alt="image" src=" purchased on her Etsy. We recommend getting her beautifully done “Painted Ladies” postcard — great for those who left their heart in San Francisco. Story by Anthony Rogers — Get to know other Bay Area artists as they share their crafts with you.

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