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Blue Bottle Sells Majority Stake To Nestle: What’s Next?

As a business, we get it. You have to make your business soar to the top.  For Blue Bottle, being acquired by Nestle with a majority 68% seemed like a no-brainer. Business is business after all. The New York Times doesn’t have the financial details of the deal, but they say it marks “one of the surest […]

Blue Bottle, Can You Please Stop Trying to be the New Starbucks?

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons Could cobalt-blue be the new upper-middle-class-white-girl-wearing-yoga-pants green? Blue Bottle has now become synonymous with “let’s grab coffee” in the Bay Area. (Well, unless you have some relation to the other offerings afforded by the SF’s boundless coffee bean and tea leaf scene.) You can’t walk more than a few yards […]

Off The Menu: Blue Bottle Backs Out Of Heath Ceramics For Good

Manufactory doesn’t help either. Hiring Verve Coffee’s Chris Jordan to develop and roast a Tartine-branded line of coffee, Blue Bottle saw the across-the-street competition (no really… across the street) and has decided to close the kiosk permanently. Blue Bottle is preparing to open an even bigger location in the former Jeremy’s retail space at 2 […]

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