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Un-Glamourizing Breast Cancer: A Daughters Recount Of Her Mothers Survival

We’ve come to the month of pink. One single stereotypically female attached color represents a disease that causes a heartbreaking amount of anguish and pain. Brands release themed, limited edition products benefiting their choice of non-profit, random campaigns rear their heads again while using debatably sexist tactics to gain attention, from “I Love Boobies” to […]

Aware Of Your Pair Partners With The Breast Cancer Research Foundation To Make Totally Chic iPhone Cases

nonprofit in hopes of bettering the search for a cure. These cases will only run through the month of October so when Oct. 31st rolls around, the donation will not be in effect. You can then, make a donation yourself. If you aren’t aware about what BCRF does, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a […]

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