breast cancer

Un-Glamourizing Breast Cancer: A Daughters Recount Of Her Mothers Survival

We’ve come to the month of pink. One single stereotypically female attached color represents a disease that causes a heartbreaking amount of anguish and pain. Brands release themed, limited edition products benefiting their choice of non-profit, random campaigns rear their heads again while using debatably sexist tactics to gain attention, from “I Love Boobies” to […]

breast size reduce
breast size reduce

Aware Of Your Pair Partners With The Breast Cancer Research Foundation To Make Totally Chic iPhone Cases

nonprofit in hopes of bettering the search for a cure. These cases will only run through the month of October so when Oct. 31st rolls around, the donation will not be in effect. You can then, make a donation yourself. If you aren’t aware about what BCRF does, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a […]

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