5 Things You May Experience on the 5R: Straight From a Devoted Muni Rider

You can almost always count on Muni to be a hot, hot mess. (Especially on those days temperatures reach a record breaking 69 degrees.) However, with countless stops and endless routes, Muni provides a cheap and truly accessibly opportunity to experience all San Francisco has to offer. Hop on the 22 Fillmore in the Marina […]

NYE Reminder: SFMTA Offers Free MUNI Throughout The Night

Yes, you read our headline right. The SFMTA has released a press statement that for the 20th consecutive year in a row, MUNI and it’s umbrella transportation will be free for rider on NYE. Due to the annual surge pricing of both Uber and Lyft, SFMTA is encouraging riders to take a bus home after […]

WHOA! The Transbay Terminal Gets a Major Facelift

East Bay commuters and beyond rejoice, another avenue of transportation is here. And it comes at great timing when BART has slowed various trains across all lines. After a multimillion dollar re-brands, 20+ years of conception and construction—the new Transbay Terminal plus rooftop terrace has now opened to the public officially. And in total, the cities […]

The Public Transportation Diet: Eliminating MUNI, BART, And Metro From My Life For A Week

New Years resolutions are all about taking new steps, different directions, and dieting aspects of our lives out. In the spirit of trying new things and getting ourselves out of our comfort zone, I (Anthony, EIC) for one week did a transportation diet. Where I eliminated public transportation in favor for Uber, Lyft, and Zipcar. […]

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