Heads Up Gang: Caltrain is Closing Weekends For The Rest of 2018

Yes, this is real. For our South Bay weekend-commuters, we’ve got some pretty annoying news but in 2019, Caltrain plans to make it up to you. Beginning October 6 there will be no Caltrain service at either of the San Francisco stations on Saturdays and Sundays. Bayshore Station will be the rail line’s northernmost weekend drop off […]

We Wanna Be Friends With Whoever is Running The Caltrain Twitter

friends over at SFist have also seen some real kickers as well. Check out some of these select reads below. #Juicy. Written by Anthony Rogers, screenshots from the Caltrain Twitter — Follow us on Twitter when we get into a discussion with Caltrain. #WeAreExcited.

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