class of 2019

Class Of 2019: Jen Woo

Joan Didion wrote in The New Yorker in 1998, “The peculiarity of being a writer is that the entire enterprise involves the moral humiliation of seeing one’s own words in print.” Although editing one’s own words can be a borderline compulsive and painstaking task, the end product elicits inexplicable pleasure for those who put pen […]

Class Of 2019: Jen Wong

Tattoos are a symbol—to many tattoos timestamp a moment in their history, to others more significance is held in the art itself. Tattoos act as an art collector clutching onto the world’s next latest and greatest. Ultimately, it’s art on a canvas. As I pull up to Picture Machine Tattoo in the Richmond District where […]

Class Of 2019: Buffy Maguire

It’s almost a necessity to start your morning with a cup of coffee in the Bay Area, but why just drink coffee when you can actually experience it? Enter Buffy Maguire of Lady Falcon Coffee Club, who offers coffee with a story you can taste. Lady Falcon Coffee Club pays homage to the Falcon Ladies […]

Class Of 2019: Chief Esparza

Writing a description of who Chief Esparza is seems almost unfair. Labels and boxes don’t appear to apply to someone as multidimensional as the Executive Director of Chief has the charisma of a late night host, the depth and knowledge of a TED speaker, and his jewelry is almost as impressive as his resumé. […]

Class Of 2019: Shannon Amitin

We caught up with one of the founders of Jolene’s on a Friday afternoon in midst of blaring house music and bartenders hard at work mixing cocktails. Needless to say, it was the perfect setting to catch up with Shannon Amitin and candidly discuss what it means to open one of San Francisco’s up-and-coming queer […]

Class Of 2019: Gayle Pirie and John Clark

The idea of dinner and a movie is perfect for a date, so why not do both at the same time? Foreign Cinema offers this unique experience in a mystical setting and has deservedly secured itself as a staple restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District. The restaurant’s owners, Gayle Pirie and John Clark, believe that […]

Class Of 2019: Alex Hong

What grew from a pop up to now one of San Francisco’s Michelin Star awarded restaurants, Alex Hong and his new food haven, Sorrel, know no bound. We talked to Alex about how he’s managed to run an increasingly successful restaurant, the importance of fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and what he has in store […]

Class Of 2019: Anna Yuh Kyung

If you are lucky enough to meet Anna Yuh Kyung, be prepared to smile—a lot. Her art is filled with bright color palettes, brilliant textures, and hidden messages. Stepping inside Merritt Ceramics (named for nearby Lake Merritt) is like stepping into her mind. Vibrant murals of flowers cover the walls as pieces from her latest […]

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